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Web Scraping Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

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Web scraping is the key to unlocking the web's complete potential during 2022. From e-commerce to AI, web scraping is making the way for everyday data in 2022.

In the past, web scraping services has become a progressively popular method to extract structured data from sites.

Automating data extraction is the key to unlocking the web's complete potential and professionally using the boundless amount of data accumulated online and it is still applicable in 2022.

In this blog, we will study the world of contemporary web scraping in the effort to recognize what opportunities, as well as risks, come into the perspective of web scraping during 2022.

Web Scraping: The Foundation of Big Data Revolution

Big data is responsible for a few most effective technological breakthroughs during the past decade, as well as web scraping is the essential part of this uprising.

essential part of this uprising

Big data could be well-defined as big data sets, which are computationally analyzed to show patterns, trends, as well as associations, particularly related to interactions and human behavior.

Just like a computer is needed to study big data, navigation as well as collecting these data is not a job for humans. Data scraping is important for scraping a huge amount of data that are the foundation of Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).

E-Commerce Web Scraping in 2022

Staying ahead in the competition is an old-age battle for all businesses. This statement is particularly true for the online space in which businesses face global competition.

Fortunately, there are many web scraping tools accessible to help e-commerce businesses in contemporary market research as well as online competitor monitoring.

In today’s progressively data-driven world, effective data-collection techniques are of fundamental importance to all brands aspiring to grow on top of the market.

The data demand is at its historical apex as well as shows no symbols of slowing down.

The big data growth and its related industries directly affect the demands for dependable and accessible web scraping solutions proficient in scraping a huge amount of data online. You can say that the future is looking favorable for web data scraping.

Is Web Scraping Legal?
Is Web Scraping Legal?

Certainly, web scraping is legal as well as it will continue in 2022. Though, rumors and misconceptions about the authority of web scraping are still a constant theme.

It's vital to note that not all types of web scraping are authorized. Like any available technology to humans, data scraping could be utilized for both proper and disreputable objectives.

While extracting the web, you have to be well aware of all the boundaries between ethical as well as non-ethical data scraping. For instance, scraping personal data or all data, which oversteps the knowledgeable property regulations is not satisfactory and might cause problems.

The Upsurge of Anti-Bot Protection During 2022
The Upsurge of Anti-Bot Protection During 2022

Anti-scraping protections have become progressively more sophisticated as well as working with these barricades is now, particularly, an important part of the workflow while developing scalable and efficient scraping solutions.

Advanced anti-scraping methods like user behavior analysis as well as browser fingerprinting, are usually combined with more customary methods including HTTP request analysis and IP rate limiting. Therefore, what could you do for avoiding getting blocked while extracting?

Websites are inclined deeply toward fingerprinting-based detection, getting a huge amount of data about users' operating systems, devices, as well as browsers.

Coping with sophisticated fingerprint-based tracking methods generally involves ample trial-and-error testing that results in different proxies getting banned that in turn, significantly increased the development and maintenance costs of data scraping solutions.

Despite the new challenges, data scrapers can able quickly adapt to the new circumstances as well as stay ahead of the most progressive anti-bot techniques in 2022. New technologies like X-Byte's fingerprinting generator, are proficient in creating genuine browser fingerprints as well as matching headers for making bots look to be real users as well as not getting blocked.

Mobile App Scraping – The New Frontier of Web Scraping
Mobile App Scraping

Mobile apps are quickly surpassing websites. Apps generally provide users more characteristics as well as personalized experiences, adding or replacing customary websites.

Succeeding this trend, a new way of collecting data is getting traction in 2022, Mobile API Scraping. This method taps directly into mobile app APIs, helping you to scrape data from apps as well as automate workflows.

Just imagine automatizing the food delivery orders or scraping a huge amount of important data from these most well-known apps without taking one finger!

Generally, mobile apps employ suggestively fewer anti-extracting protections than sites. A lot of mobile apps do not cover their data after the login, limiting the bot protections with IP address rates and limiting techniques that could be easily distributed by utilizing proxies. Extracting data from mobile APIs is enormously efficient as well as has a huge potential, therefore, it is expected to continue growing in popularity during 2022 and more.

Web Scraping Frameworks and Libraries to Watch Out For in 2022
Web Scraping Frameworks and Libraries to Watch Out For in 2022

Python, as well as Node.js, are at top of a web scraping game. Although Node.js has been increasing steadily as well as even getting the upper hand over Python with scalability as well as avoiding all anti-scraping protections with large-scale projects.

For testing the popularity of various programming languages for data scraping, we've just organized a poll on Reddit for finding the language of option for members of the r/webscraping subreddit during 2022.



Requests is an extensively common HTTP Python library. It is still popular in 2022, with over 1,000,000 repositories relying on that.

BeautifulSoup, a Python library utilized to scrape XML and HTML elements online, is the best choice for proficiently solving easy tasks. Its user-friendliness is among the key reasons why BeautifulSoup upholds its position as a perfect data scraping tool for learners.

Scrapy continues to be the go-to option for big-scale web scraping projects within Python because of its completeness and efficiency in features.


Node Js

Got extraction is the package extension for the Got HTTP client, which provides out-of-the-box solutions for addressing general challenges in contemporary web scraping as well as avoiding anti-extraction protections.

Cheerio is a quick and flexible application of core jQuery made to run as well as work with the HTML data on the server-side.

X-Byte SDK is the open-source web scraping as well as automation Node.js library. This SDK is mainly effective in automatically scaling projects as well as seamlessly integrating extraction solutions with a huge pool of proxies for helping you bypass anti-scraping barriers.

Greatest Browser Automation Tools for Web Scraping in 2022
Greatest Browser Automation Tools for Web Scraping in 2022

Due to its ability to render JavaScript on the webpage, different browser automation tools are important while extracting dynamic websites. That is a useful feature, considering many contemporary websites, particularly in e-commerce, utilize JavaScript for loading content dynamically.

Selenium is the tool mainly developed to do web testing that also found an off-label utilize as a data scraper. Selenium is well-known in the Python community, however, it is well-supported in Python, Ruby, JavaScript (Node.js), Kotlin, Java, and C #.

Puppeteer is the Node.js library established as well as maintained by Google. It offers a higher-level API for programmatically manipulating the Chrome browser. Besides data scraping, Puppeteer is utilized for workflow automation and automated testing.

Playwright is a moderately new library in the web automation world but is quickly getting adept among the developer’s community. With the contemporary features, multi-language support, cross-browser, as well as easy-to-use, Playwright has become a natural option for web scraping as well as browser automation during 2022.

2022: A Year Having Full of Prospects for Web Scraping
2022: A Year Having Full of Prospects for Web Scraping

2022 is the year full of prospects for web scraping. Certainly, there are challenges like the increasing superiority of anti-bot protections. Though, with continuously growing frameworks and libraries, web scrapers are handling to stay a minimum a few steps forward.

X-Byte Store has hundreds of handy web scraping tools that you can begin using for free for scraping data within minutes. In case, you require a particular scraper made for use cases, just request a customized solution, as well as we will deal with all the work. For more information, contact X-Byte Enterprise Crawling or ask for a free quote!


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