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SISGAIN is a well-established company that provides telemedicine app development
solutions in Dar es Salaam. It provides cost-efficient solutions to its clients with hassle-free
The increasing prevalence of modern health problems has led to a sustained uptick in demand
for telemedicine app development services. By all accounts, SISGAIN is the gold standard when
it comes to telemedicine apps for doctors and hospitals. No matter the type of telemedicine
service, SISGAIN constantly gives 100% to satisfy its customers. It is a renowned telemedicine
app development company in Tanzania.
A growing number of people in Tanzania and other countries are making use of telemedicine
and other forms of remote patient monitoring. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) involves
keeping tabs on a patient's vitals (such as weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, oxygen
saturation, heart rate, and electrocardiograms) from afar. Due to the monitoring, the aged and
the disabled can avoid institutional care for extended periods. It also helps in the
treatment and prevention of sickness. The word "telemedicine" embraces many different types
of medical care, and " remote patient monitoring" is just one part of that broader concept.
Telemedicine is an umbrella term for any medical interaction that takes place between a patient
and a doctor without the patient being present in the same room. Communication options
include sending emails, texting, calling, and chatting through video. It is also known as
telemedicine, digital medicine, electronic health care, and mobile health care.

For both patients and medical professionals, telemedicine has several potential benefits,
including the following:

It analyses the necessity of in-person treatment for the patient. Telemedicine provides
specialized medical treatments, such as examinations of minor infections and mental health
care. It is now less difficult to issue or renew a prescription. Moreover, it provides specialized
therapies, including speech and physical therapy. Telemedicine is beneficial when a
patient must keep a certain social distance from others or is otherwise unable to travel to the
hospital for treatment.
Doctors and patients alike can benefit from telemedicine. As a result of telemedicine, people
with disabilities have easier access to medical treatment. In addition to expanding availability for
the general public, this might also benefit groups like the elderly, the isolated, and the
incarcerated. This option allows the patient to receive medical care without having to leave the
comfort of their own home. Patients with compromised immune systems often choose
telemedicine because it keeps them from having to visit a medical facility where they can be

exposed to germs. Further, the doctor benefits from this arrangement since he or she is less
likely to catch a disease from the patient.
Telemedicine can help with any health problem that doesn't require a physical exam or lab
tests. Telehealth may be used to provide ongoing care, including psychotherapy.
In order to provide these services to patients and doctors, a telemedicine app must be built with
all the necessary telehealth components. SISGAIN can make additional adjustments so that the
product is perfect for the intended audience. In order to develop high-quality telemedicine
programs, it is important to consider the following factors:
In terms of health, the profile reads as follows: patient demographics, medical history, current
medications, allergies, and any other relevant information must be collected. For reasons of
safety, a verification procedure should be in place to certify legitimate profiles and prevent fraud.
More than that, patients should be allowed to pick and choose whether aspects of their medical
records are made public or shared with a doctor they consulted.
Electronic medical records (EMR) and patient information are essential for a thorough
diagnosis. This includes the patient's complete medical history, as well as any lab results and
medications currently being taken by the patient. Since more and more medical facilities are
adopting EMR systems, patients now have the option of accessing their own health records
through wearables. An app might include this information with minimal effort if the user interacts
with such a program.
A valid digital prescription that is accepted by all other hospitals and drugstores must be
provided by the doctor before the in-app session can be completed for an online prescription.
The patient and the doctor private cloud databases should be updated automatically
with prescription information.
Accepting a number of different payment methods is essential for any telehealth software.
Furthermore, the app must provide options for refunding payments in the event of a cancellation
or rescheduling, as per their payment policy.
Since SISGAIN is among the best telemedicine app development service providers, it gives its
customers access to all the benefits and hassle-free services they might want. Rely on SISGAIN
for Telemedicine app development solutions in Dar es Salaam.


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