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In our last blog, we reviewed a brand new kind of incense, specifically cones. In this post, we'll look at a different kind of cones for incense – Backflow cones. As the name implies they are cone-shaped incense that emits smoke from the opposite direction to that of a normal cone, i.e. in the direction downwards. This is mostly because of its tiny and hollow tunnel which runs through its middle and eventually forms a hole in the top in the bottom of the cone.

How do they function?

Incense smoke tends to be more dense than air because it is made up of tiny particles of smoke. When a burning incense cone smoke rises in the upward direction because the hot atmosphere is lighter than room temperature air. Smoke travels through the hollow tunnel using backflow cones, and it cools when it travels along the hollow pathway. As it cools it gets denser and escapes at the lower part of the cone in the direction downwards.


How do I make them light?

Place the cone with the backflow either in your hands or use some tweezers.

The pointed end of the cone using the help of a matchstick or lighter. Be sure the incense cone is completely submerged in the flame for a few seconds before it begins to burn within its tiny flame.

Simply blow the flame out just like you would with birthday candles.

After exhausting the flame, and then the remaining flame make sure you look at the cone's bottom.

If you notice the ember's flame glowing and the smoke cloud that is coming out of the bottom of the cone, then your incense cone is correctly burned.

Give it a few minutes or until the smoke begins to be released from the cone's bottom. If you do not see glowing embers or smoke, you might have accidentally blown out the cone. You might be required to light the cone once more.



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