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The cockle is a unique shellfish with over two hundred kinds. It shares close similarities with other sea creatures with rounded shells divided into two halves.

Many kinds of cockles are found in Asia and Europe, where they're an important part of their special foods.Cockles have two sides of equal size and a round shell.

Cockles should only be eaten after being thoroughly cooked. Uncooked or half-cooked cockles could cause serious health complications.

Cockles are unisexual and as such give birth to many small ones as quickly as possible. They have a foot for digging and leaping hurriedly out of the water.

Cockles are found in places where there's no tide or when the sea is at a very low level.

They're used as traps for catching other marine life and serve as a unique part of specific foods in Asian countries and other countries of the world. To know more about what are cockles? Go with this hyperlinked site.

Difference Between A Clam and Cockle?

The major difference between a cockle and a clam is their habitat. Cockles are mostly found in the deep sea, while clams can survive in both the sea, rivers, streams and even lakes.

Other key differences between them both include:

Shape and Sizes

Clams have different shapes and colors that make them distinct while cockles can be in heart shape or oval. Cockles have different kinds of shells, and each type has unique markings that make it different from others.

Clams, on the other hand, can be three-sided, extended, or simply circular. The sizes vary too.

Clams tend to be larger than cockles, and cockles are categorized under the clam. So, they're generally referred to as clams. Clams are therefore known as clams, while a cockle can be called a cockle clam, and it will be distinguished by its sizes, shapes, and colors.


Clams have a shell that is divided into two different equal parts, usually with the same colors and markings.Cockles, including the ones that dig, are generally known as clams.

Clams are mostly found in the sand or mud. It does not have eyes and head, but it has a mouth, heart, and anus.

Are They Edible

Clams and cockles are edible, but they have to be eaten with caution because raw cockles can cause devastating health complications, while clams can be consumed raw. Regardless, it's best to cook both clam and cockle before eating them.

A great way to enjoy them is to steam them with butter and dress them in lemon. Even though they have better flavor and taste much better than clams, raw cockles can also result in food poisoning and other health complications. This can also happen when they're cooked well.


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