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A freckle is a little dark patch that appears when skin pigment cells cluster underneath the upper or lower lip. Because the skin on the lips is thinner, any black stains on lip surfaces are frequently more obvious. A freckle is a melanotic macule, which is a skin ailment that is typically not an issue. When it comes to sun exposure, genetics, and age, everyone gets freckles. Freckles should only be checked if they arise suddenly or have notable changes in color or texture.

Light skin, green or blue eyes, and freckles often go together in together. The longer a person spends in the sun, the more noticeable their freckles tend to be. To prevent sun damage, permanent makeup artists advocate the daily use of lotions and lip balms containing sunscreen. Regular lip protection also helps prevent a lip freckle from worsening over time. Lip cancer, which can start as a dark spot, eventually transforms into a raised lump on the lip surface.

Freckles on the lips are meaningless to some people, and some even consider them to be distinct facial features. Others may want to get their freckles removed, but this can be difficult. Using professional permanent makeup artist's prescribed lotions can often aid with lightening the appearance of freckles. Some people also find that lemon juice helps fade freckles over time. This is the safest and least invasive method for minimizing the appearance of dark lip freckles.

Lip freckles can be removed under local anaesthesia, however, it is important to note that this incurs a risk of scarring. An obvious lip scar could be more difficult than a lip blemish. Physicians are typically reluctant to undergo cosmetic surgical removal if a freckle exhibits no indicators of malignancy danger. Freckle removal is not frequently covered by health insurance policies because it is usually optional. 

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