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During the back-to-school season, the phrase “map pencils” may confuse parents because it is commonly used misleadingly on supply lists. Most parents are unaware that “regular colored pencils” is another term for “colored pencils” in this context. These coloring tools are often referred to as “map pencils” because of their prevalence in educational settings. They are available in various brands, sizes, and quantities to accommodate any coloring supply requirement.

Throughout history, the writing implement has evolved from mineral rocks to sticks encased in wood. It wasn't until the early 20th century that colored pencils made their debut, replacing the graphite core of the regular pencil with a combination of pigments and binder. While the earliest ancestors of pencils as we know them now made their debut in the 1400s. Colored pencils didn't make their debut until the early 20th century.

What are “map pencils”?

You should know what colored pencils are before buying this. Regular coloring pencils are the kind of coloring pencils that are used by the vast majority of children in educational institutions. These coloring tools come in various shapes, lengths, and brands, similar to other types of pencils. 

During the painting process, artists often used specialized coloring tools like colored map pencils to add color to their work. Wax, pigments, and additives are the components that make these tools. As early as the 1930s, Derwent and Blick Studio produced various types of paintings and have been the ones to manufacture these pencils.

These are the best-colored map pencils.

  • Castle Arts Coloured Pencils

Source: Walmart

We begin with the best. The best-colored pencils on the market you can find today in this set from Castle Arts, which features a round barrel.

Because of their velvety texture, they are an excellent option for blending and layering, as well as being comfortable to use for extended periods and producing soft and creamy colors. In addition to this, unlike most colored pencils, they keep their point for a longer time. 

You can learn how to draw the picture displayed on the front of the box by following the step-by-step instructions that are included in the protective fabric case with a zip around it. In addition to this, the colors are neatly labeled, so you won't have to waste a lot of time looking for the one you need. The conclusion is that these colored pencils are hard to beat for most purposes. 

  • Arteza Colored Pencil

Source: Arteza

These colored pencils with water-soluble lead are an excellent choice if you do a lot of traveling. If you do a lot of traveling. They have tips that are resistant to breaking and leads that are 4 millimeters in diameter, so they are less likely to shatter if they are dropped. Additionally, they are packaged in a sturdy, double-hinged tin, which makes them convenient to carry around.

In a broader sense, these lovely pencils produce vibrant colors. However, you should avoid pressing down too hard, or you might get a wax bloom. If you get a wax bloom, start over. They are entirely mixable and work wonderfully for both hatching and cross-hatching patterns. The names and numbers of each pencil are printed on the packaging, and the tin also contains a color chart, making it simple to select the appropriate pencil.

  • Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencils

Source: Shopee

Faber-Castell pencils feature acid-free pigments in bright colors and excellent lightfastness. High resistance to breaking is provided by a thick core measuring 3.8 millimeters, and an “eco” varnish is used to protect the wooden barrels. 

There are 12 to 120 pack sizes. Faber-Castell's Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils are among the best on the market.

  • Derwent Coloursoft Coloring Pencils

Source: Amazon

Landscapes or still life?  Then choose Derwent's Coloursoft Pencils. With a 4mm velvety-soft core, they build color quickly. Because they have a core that is resistant to breaking, they can be sharpened to an excellent point. They're great for still-life drawings and modern landscapes.

These pencils come in six to 72-count boxes. A gift box version of them is also obtainable. 

  • Shuttle Art Soft Core Colored Pencil Set.

Source: GetUSCart

Do you want pencils that are suitable for everyday use?  The Shuttle Art Soft Core Colored Pencil Set offers outstanding value. These premium wood round pencils are easy to sharpen and great for everyday use. A 3mm core provides durability.  Even though they're cheap, they have color names and numbers.

Because of the soft leads, the colors come out vibrant and are simple to blend, layer, and shade. Their cardboard box is flimsy if you travel often, but they're well-organized and easy to find.

Pricing of Map Colored Pencils

The price of colored pencils varies depending on the total number of pencils included in the pack, which most customers anticipate. For example, you can purchase an 18-pack from Walmart for $11.58. The total price will increase proportionately with the number of pencils in each pack.


You probably used map pencils when you were in kindergarten many years ago. That was a long time ago. I am guessing that the map coloring projects you did in class helped you become closer to your classmates and the parents of your classmates. It's interesting to note that most successful artists first realized they had a talent in arts in kindergarten. We should therefore take coloring a great deal more seriously. This is of the utmost importance.

FAQs on Map Pencils

Q: Why use a colored pencil?

Coloring pencils are put to various uses in the creative process by artists. Uses include.

  • Creating posters
  • Sketching ideas
  • Creating caricatures from scratch.
  • Drawing portraits.
  • For creating murals.

This is why coloring tools like these are appropriate for use by creatives, designers, and portrait artists.

Q: A map has how many different color variations?

On a map, there are technically five distinct colors to choose from. Therefore, you'll need five types of pencils. These hues are explained below, along with what they signify.

White indicates that there is very little or no vegetation in the area.

Green indicates abundant vegetation. Aside from that, it means that the region is showered with an appropriate amount of precipitation.

Black: primarily denotes features that are the result of human activity, such as dams.

The color blue on a map denotes the presence of water bodies.

Brown is primarily used to represent the outline of contours.

Q: I am a very famous artist. Which brands of colored pencils do you recommend the most and why?

In contrast to a decade ago, tens of new color pencil manufacturers have joined the industry. Let's review some of the most well-known brands you should include in your professional development spending plan.

  • Castle Arts pencils
  • Arteza Colored Pencils
  • Magicfly Colored Pencils
  • Derwent Colored Pencils

Q: I am just getting started in the arts. Which colored pencil do you think is the best, and why do you believe that?

Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are an excellent choice and come highly recommended by me. There are more than 150 pencils included in this package. The vast majority of these deals sell one of those map pencils for approximately $0.60. Not only that, but the coloring they produce is of the highest quality thanks to the incredible softness of these pencils.

Q: It has come to my attention that colored pencils are becoming increasingly popular. What's the reason?

Because more people are willing to acknowledge the value of art in today's culture, colored pencils have seen a massive surge in popularity. Most societies now accord art the respect it deserves, previously lacking in many of them. You may have concluded that artists can earn a respectable living. People believed it was merely a recreational activity until the last few decades. This used to deter art enthusiasts from taking their passion as seriously as they should have been.

Q: Why do some professionals believe hard map pencils are superior to soft ones?

Soft pencils break when sharpened. On the other hand, it is not difficult to sharpen hard pencils, resulting in more legible artwork. When working with hard pencils, an artist will need to exert a more significant amount of physical effort.

Q: Where can I purchase colored pencils of exceptionally high quality?

Any person interested in art can go to a store or bookshop and purchase colored pencils that are brand new and high quality. People living in the United States have it more accessible, as you can buy these pencils at any dollar store in the area. Here is a better alternative: you can get a map pencil from either Amazon or Walmart, whichever store you prefer.

Q: Shortly, I want to begin working on a watercolor painting. Which watercolor pencil is my best option to include in my shopping cart?

I am confident in my assumption that you are looking for a watercolor pencil that has a lead that is not too thick. The following are some watercolor pencils that have received the highest ratings for your use.

  • Zena Color watercolor pencils.
  • Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.
  • Derwent pencils.

Q: Why are colored pencils called “map pencils”?

You might already know that map work favors the latter option more. On the map, different colors represent various pieces of information.

Q: How can I tell if a colored pencil will last? How do I know if a color pencil is durable?

Before making any purchases, I recommend reading the colored pencil pack first. First things first, measure the thickness of the cores of these pencils. The greater the thickness of the pencil, the more resistant it is to breaking, and therefore the longer it will last.

Q: Is there such a thing as an adult map pencil?

Indeed, there are many of them! In today's world, most societies treat art with the proper respect that it so justly deserves. This may help explain why more than 85 percent of educational institutions offer art classes today. Adults can choose from many map coloring pencils.


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