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What are Most Worthwhile Cricut Machine Models in 2023?

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From the beginning, all the Cricut machine models have one aim to help creative people by giving them basic tools to make their do-it-yourself projects beautiful, fun, and easy. Since the success of the first cutting machine, the company didn’t look back and kept upgrading its products frequently. It amazes the worldwide crafters as they keep adding unique, meaningful, and personal things while drawing something new. Plus, the company discovered that DIY contributes to people’s lives in multiple ways. This blog contains an equally important study about different models of Cricut machines.


Among the Cricut machine models cutting machine, it’s impossible to be as versatile as the Cricut Explore family. The Explore family members can cut various craft materials flexibly with precision. Besides, it saves time, money and makes the crafter learn something while crafting something new. Among the Explore family tree comes Explore Air 2, which works with more than 100+ materials.

On the other hand, the current member of the Explore family is the Explore 3 model. This craft plotter can do everything Explore Air 2 can do, plus a lot more. It works easily with all the smart materials and cuts upto 12 ft long in one go. Besides, it can cutwritedrawfoil, and score on the loaded material.


Cricut Venture is another name that is on the Cricut machine models list. It differs greatly from all Cricut machine models as it is the largest and fastest cutting machine. This machine can precisely cut more than 100 materials upto 75 ft (2.8mm) and works at commercial speed. It also works with 7 tools which can writefoilscore, and many more. The crafter suggests this cut-die model to create 3D projects of any size, shape, and pattern.


In addition, Cricut EasyPress comes with the speed of a heat press and an iron’s convenience. Due to this fabulous combination, the DIYer gets fast & foolproof heat transfer results that last up upto many washes. The company launched this model in Aug 2017 with a 9 in x 9 in heat plate.

In 2018, EasyPress welcomed a new member, i.e. EasyPress 2. This product was available in different sizes, each with different capabilities. However, one important feature that makes this model different from its EasyPress is that it gets hotter and heats up faster within a few minutes. The DIYer must also purchase the bundle to create the custom craft out of one of these Cricut machine models.

Within a year after the launch of EasyPress 2, the company launched another Easypress model, i.e., Cricut EasyPress Mini. This tiny-looking heat transfer object is ideal for transferring heat on unusual projects such as shoes, hats, and stuffed animals. Other than that, this one-of-a-kind heat press is lightweight, and easy to store.

The recent addition to this heat press family is EasyPress 3. This EasyPress is three times as nice as it brings together the speed of a heat press, the convenience of an iron, and the simplicity of a Cricut Heat App. With the help of the Heat Guide app, the user can set the custom temp & timing settings depending on the project type. Besides, it comes with the heat plate design, which is covered with a ceramic-coated surface.


Lastly, let’s talk about one of the professional heat presses specially made for home use. Cricut AutoPress is merged with commercial speed, which comes with a sleek, home-friendly design. Other than that, this one of the best Cricut machine models comes with Zero Effort, which allows the press to close with just two fingers, and the handle’s motor completes the rest of the work. Besides, it can reach upto the temperature of 400*F for HTV, infusible ink, and sublimation projects.



Answer: To make the heat transfer last long on the base materials, the user must follow the given below tips:

  • It should be kept on a firm surface with equal balance on both sides.
  • Try to use settings while operating the Cricut Heat app for HTV or the Base material you are going to use.
  • Apply heat to both the front and back of the material for a specific time frame to avoid material getting burnt or any injury.


Answer: Since Venture is one of the latest models among cutting machines, it can cut materials such as adhesive foil, paper, craft foam, Everyday Iron-On, and many more. Other than that, it can also cut smart materials within one go without loading the cutting mat. The user needs to ensure that they are using the correct blade while cutting down the material.


Answer: If you are a newbie in the crafting industry, then yes, Cricut might be expensive for you. To get the desired craft, the user needs to buy not only the cutting machine but its tools, supplies & bundle. All of these items are available in different price ranges, but some are a little expensive. The crafter should be very careful while using the machine as their products are very costly.


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