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What are Of Duplex Steel Stub End

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This premium selection of Stub ends is available from us in a variety of specifications, measurements, names, and thicknesses. Duplex Stub ends of the highest calibre are fabricated by us using conventional production techniques. We only sell stubs that end with good usability and a long lifespan. In comparison to basic steel alloy, the duplex alloy is twice as superior. Chromium, nickel, and molybdenum are specifically used in the alloy's composition together with additional components. One of the most popular grades of steel alloy with outstanding corrosion resistance is the super duplex. 

strength and tenacity. Super Duplex Stub ends have excellent machinability. For maximum durability, these Stub ends can be simply machined in the annealed condition. Super Duplex Stub ends provide excellent weldability characteristics. Super Duplex Stub Ends function incredibly well at low temperatures. These Super Duplex Stub ends are made following the most recent industry standards. Rajveer Stainless & Alloys has a sophisticated infrastructure and all the necessary equipment on hand to create superior Super Duplex Stub ends at our facility.

Our crew is the best and most skilled to oversee the entire manufacturing process. Every stub end is examined by our quality analysts to ensure higher quality. To provide the highest quality Stub ends for clients' use, ASME B16.9 Stub ends undergo several destructive and non-destructive testing.

Technical Information for Duplex Steel Stub Ends

Thicknesses can be made to a customer's specifications or following ASME B16.48 specifications.

125–250 RMS serrated finish is the typical surface finish.

On-demand, additional finishes.

On carbon steel items for the aim of rust prevention, c/w a typical shop primer

Size: All sizes and thicknesses are available.

Advantages of Stub End

The loose Flange notion of a lap joint is extremely useful for installing piping systems on-site. Having one flange that can be rotated is very helpful when aligning the bolt holes when two spools are to be mated up in the field, before the Stub bolt and the corresponding nuts are introduced. If positive isolation is a process requirement, the ability to align bolt holes more easily is especially useful if there is a spool that needs to be removed periodically.


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