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Kurti is one of the most popular dress codes for young girls in India. Kurti is quite comfortable and easy to wear. Also, it represents the cultural code of India, so wearing Kurti is pretty common in India. People wear the Kurti all the time. As it’s clothing for daily use, it should not go alone. For additional styling, you should start using some brand new jewelry designs that will enhance your look.

The traditional gold ornaments won’t suit the Kurti and Pyjamas. You only need to wear some latest jewelry designs to complement the overall look. If you are the one willing to match the look with the jewelry, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on some great jewelry designs to wear on a traditional Kurti.

Latest Jewellery Designs to Match a Kurti Attire 

#1 – Bangle Bracelet 

When it comes to the underrated jewelry ornaments, the Bangles comes in the first place. Most ladies do not prefer wearing a Bangle because it looks old. But with the Bangle bracelets, you can wear the bangles and still have some charm. The Bangle Bracelets are pretty useful and matching on the traditional Kurti attire. You should prefer looking for the minimalistic bangle bracelets that are made with hardened gold. Bangle Bracelets are available in gold-plated variants, so they won’t cost you much.

#2 – Gold Pendant Sets 

Gold pendant sets are often undermined by the users. But the gold pendant sets are the best suit if you are wearing a Kurti. Make sure to choose a minimalistic design in the gold pendant sets that will suit the attire. Most of the gold pendants are minimalistic and often made with simple designs. You can get heart-shaped pendants and heart-shaped earrings in the sets. The heart-shaped gold pendant set suits you the best if you are a college student or recently married.

#3 – Loop Earrings 

Although you get earrings in the gold pendant set, you should have another earring handy. The loop earrings are pretty trending in the market, and they are suitable for your needs. The loop earrings are made with pure gold and have the loops that define the name. They are also known as hoop earrings due to the loop/hoop in the design. Most of the loop earrings have a modern design that will suit your entire attire without any issues. So, make sure to check out the loop or hoop earrings.

#4 – Gold Ring / Vedhni

Vedhni is the simplest form of the gold ring. Vedhni, or Vedh as people like to call it, is one of the most elegant and basic forms of the ring. You can wear a vedhni in your fingers if you prefer simple attire. Vedhni is nothing but the plain ring made with gold wire loops. They are lightweight and affordable for most people.


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