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What are steel bars? What are their uses?

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Steel plays a very significant role in the modern development of any industry. It is used for every structural purpose, from houses to machines, tools to roofing. In the construction industry, steel is the basis of design for skyscrapers and modern housing. Steel bars are also known as reinforcing or rebars. It is a mesh of steel wire used to reinforce concrete and masonry structures to strengthen the base material. They are widely used in construction projects to add support and strength. Apart from the construction industry, steel bars are also used in the military industry (for equipment), paper industry, shipbuilding industry, and many other architectural-related industries.

Steel bars usually have different shapes like flat, round, hexagonal, and square and mostly, it’s the form of the bar that defines its application space. Steel bars applications and utilizations depend on the kind of bars required. The primary use of these bars is to give and add another layer of reinforcement to concrete structures. These steel bars are strong and affordable. The secondary use of steel bars is for durability and to add aesthetic value.

Steel bars generally have different shapes so the utilization of these bars rely on the shape and the size of the steel bar.  The main uses of steel bars are:

  • Flat bars are thick, hot rolled, high strength, and corrosion resistance. They are used in construction industries in the form of base plates and brackets.

  • Round bars play a very important role in the machining industry. The specialty of round bars is to create machine parts and automotive components. Because of the fabulous property of corrosion resistance, these bars are indulged in the production of fasteners, machinery, and grills.

  • Steel bars are also used in underground pipelines to distribute water to different houses and also to distribute gas. They are used in power stations and pumping houses 

  • Steel roofing can deliver excellent value in terms of space, looks, reliability, and even energy saving. They help in redesigning your homes by adding upper value to modern homes, extensions, renovations, and much more. They have modern colors and are cost-efficient. 

Gulf Steel is ranked as one of the most reputed rebar manufacturers in UAE.  They are a leading steel supplier in UAE that supplies steel products as per industry specifications and dimensions, all of which are customized as per the client demand.


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