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While shipping your goods, you must be well-versed in the various shipping mediums. As shipping demand increases, knowing what shipping option will be ideal for the specific type of goods becomes essential. Among all other mediums, cargo shipping services are the most preferred Freight Shipping methods used by shippers.

This blog will help you learn about the various goods shipped using cargo services and why cargo shipping companies from Russia to UAE are in huge demand right now. Check out the 4 types of goods you can easily transport using shipping services. Here we go:

Food Items

One of the biggest challenges of shipping services is transporting food items due to their low durability rate. The variety of food items is wide, including Packaged foods, raw foods, partially processed, frozen, etc. Shippers need to decide the best possible medium per the food items' durability. That is why air freight is the first choice of shippers transporting food items. However, you can partner with cargo shipping companies from Russia to UAE to transport food items with medium-durability using a single voyage.


Just like other shipping items, livestock also plays a huge role. Animals are transported worldwide for different purposes, including breeding, meat, by-products, etc. Livestock creates many challenges for the Cargo shipping companies and Russia to UAE as it will be their responsibility to transport them alive and healthy. They must take complete precautions, offering proper facilities, food, hygiene, and enough ventilation to keep them alive. Also, special permissions should be taken, and international guidelines must be followed for safe and smooth delivery.


One of the reasons Cargo shipping's is the priority of shippers is they can quickly ship heavy-duty goods at once. The most common example includes vehicles, and RoRo is a popular cargo service used to transport vehicles worldwide. When you partner with Cargo shipping companies from Russia to UAE, you can easily transport vehicles across the globe at a tremendous rate.

Equipment and Machinery

Nowadays, businesses can expand their services because of the ease of raw materials and resources worldwide. That is why shipping machinery and equipment have become extremely popular. Shippers partner with cargo shipping companies from Russia to UAE like SLR shipping services to help move heavy-duty goods such as large machinery and equipment. Transporting the kind of goods is filled with lots of challenges that only experts can manage. That is why shipping services are the most preferred option for shippers. 


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