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When the primary provider of a family faces hospitalisation due to illness or injury, it can create not only a health crisis but also financial stress. Medical bills and the absence of regular income can be a double burden. This is where Hospital Cash Insurance, often called HospiCash Insurance, steps in. Distinct from cashless hospital insurance, this policy provides daily cash benefits to ease the financial strain during a hospital stay. 


In this article, we will explore the world of HospiCash Insurance, examining its advantages, disadvantages, and key features, helping you determine if it's suitable for your needs.

What is HospiCash Insurance?

HospiCash Insurance is a specialised health insurance hospitalisation policy designed to address the financial challenges that arise during a hospital stay. Unlike traditional health insurance plans that cover medical expenses directly, HospiCash Insurance offers a unique benefit – it provides the policyholder with a fixed daily cash amount for each day spent in the hospital.


This daily cash can be crucial in maintaining financial stability during a period of illness or injury, making it an excellent option for those seeking health insurance hospital list coverage.


However, policyholders should carefully consider their specific needs and circumstances to determine if HospiCash Insurance is suitable for their overall health insurance hospitalisation coverage.

HospiCash Insurance: Is it suitable?

We'll delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of HospiCash Insurance to help you make an informed decision regarding health insurance hospital options:


  • Daily Cash Benefit

One of the primary benefits of HospiCash Insurance is that it provides a fixed daily cash benefit to policyholders during hospitalisation. This benefit helps cover incidental expenses, such as transportation, meals, and other out-of-pocket costs that may not be covered by regular health insurance.

  • No Bills Required

Unlike traditional health insurance policy that require policyholders to submit medical bills for reimbursement, HospiCash Insurance provides cash benefits without the need for bill submission. This streamlines the claims process and ensures quicker access to funds.

  • Pre and Post-Hospitalisation Benefits

Some HospiCash Insurance policies offer pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation cash benefits. This means policyholders receive cash benefits not only during hospitalisation but also for a specified number of days before and after their hospital stay.

  • No Deductibles

HospiCash Insurance typically does not have deductibles or copayments, making it easy for policyholders to access the entire cash benefit.

  • Use as Needed

Policyholders have the flexibility to use the cash benefit as needed, whether to pay for medical bills, cover daily expenses, or even offset the loss of income due to hospitalisation.


  • Minimum Hospitalisation Duration

Most HospiCash Insurance policies require hospitalisation to last a minimum of 24 hours for policyholders to avail of the hospital cash insurance benefit. Shorter stays may not be eligible for this benefit.

  • Limited Coverage Period

Policyholders are typically eligible for the cash benefit only during their actual hospitalisation period. Once discharged, the cash benefit ceases, even if there are ongoing recovery expenses or follow-up medical appointments to consider.

  • Exclusions

Some HospiCash Insurance policies come with exclusions, such as non-allopathic treatments or cosmetic surgeries, which may not be covered. Reviewing the policy terms and conditions to understand the limitations is essential.


Best HospiCash Insurance Plans in India


Insurance Provider


Hospitalisation Days (During 1 year of Policy Period)

Niva Bupa

INR 500 upto INR 4000

2-60 days


INR 500 upto INR 2500

2-60 days

Bajaj Allianz

INR 500 upto INR 2500

2-60 days


HospiCash Insurance remains a valuable consideration, providing financial relief during a crucial time. Evaluate your specific needs and circumstances to determine whether they align with your healthcare goals and complement your overall health insurance hospitalisation coverage. If you're considering HospiCash Insurance as part of your health insurance plan, be sure to explore offerings from trusted and best health insurance company in india providers like Niva Bupa. 


To discover how Niva Bupa's HospiCash Insurance can enhance your healthcare coverage, visit their website today.


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