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The addition of a graphics card could dramatically improve the performance of a computer. The graphics card must be upgraded to the card that is currently installed on your computer to get an increase in performance. A higher-quality graphics card like zotac rtx 3060 ti or   inno3d gtx 1660 super can easily enhance the gaming capabilities of a computer. It can also enhance the gaming experience by playing better video and freeing space in memory. Every computer comes with the graphics card included in the motherboard or pre installed but it could be possible to add a new card.

Better Gaming

The installation of a higher-quality graphics card can dramatically improve the speed at which computers can play games. Graphic cards are the most essential piece of hardware needed to play games. The ability of a computer to play games could be severely hindered by the graphics card insufficient for the game's demands. Some computers come with superior graphics cards, but when games begin to require more powerful graphic cards, your standard video card won't perform better than a newer, more modern video card.

Furthermore, a computer that is just a couple of years old is able to play games just like a computer with modern technology by installing a modern graphics card like zotac rtx 3060 ti. It's generally cheaper to install a brand new graphics card to an older machine instead of purchasing a new one.

Better Video Performance

A graphics card installed can enhance the way the computer can play and edit video. A quality graphics card can aid a video editor in getting work completed more quickly. A graphics card that is installed is equipped with the resources and memory of its own, so it will improve playback quality. This is crucial for high-definition video and many videos that are playing simultaneously. A graphics card is made to compress and process video and aids computer “fuse” (process a new video) quicker.

Free Up Memory

Certain graphics cards like inno3d gtx 1660 super built-in have an internal memory that is dedicated to them, and others share computer memory. If the built-in graphics card is sharing memory with the computer the addition of an external graphics card can free up memory for the computer to be used for other applications. The installation of a graphics card could aid in improving the performance of your computer even if the new card is not as powerful as the built-in card in the computer. Furthermore, the memory allocated to graphics cards is generally quicker than the memory the computer utilises that can lead to an improvement in performance.


These are the top advantages of installing a graphics card in your PC. it’s true that your graphics card is not just for gaming it is more than that.


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