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Nutshell activated carbon has the advantages of large specific surface area, well-developed micropores, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, fast adsorption speed, easy regeneration, and long service life.

This product uses pure fruit shell core as the raw material, through a special process method, the carbon body carries silver with an elastic fiber structure, and achieves the functions of removing different colors and odors, harmful impurities, and antibacterial and sterilization in the water. activated charcoal cost It is also used for high-purity water purification in cold drinks, food, household, group-type water purifiers, electronics industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

There are still many use cases of coconut shell activated carbon used to refine gas, such as gas masks, filters, refrigerator deodorizers, automobile exhaust gas treatment devices, etc., all of which use the excellent adsorption performance of activated carbon to remove toxic components in the gas, which is harmful to the human body. The ingredients or smelly ingredients are removed.

For example, after adding 100~120ng activated carbon to the filter, a large part of the harmful components in the smoke can be removed.

Granular activated carbon is often used in gas phase adsorption, usually by letting air flow through the activated carbon layer for adsorption. According to the state of the activated carbon layer in the adsorption device, the adsorption layer has a fixed layer, a moving layer and a fluid layer.https://www.dxdcarbon.com/ 

However, small adsorbers such as electric ice frost and deodorizers in automobiles rely on gas convection and diffusion for adsorption. In addition to granular activated carbon, activated carbon fibers and activated carbon moldings are also increasingly widely used in gas phase adsorption.


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