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Good sleep is essential for an individual's physical and psychological health. While the quality of our sleep depends on factors such as environment and lighting, a mattress plays a vital role in this matter. Also, the human body should take at least 8-10 hours of sleep to be rejuvenated and energetic all day. Not only do we sleep on a mattress, but indirectly we use that 24 hours (sitting) without any care. Sometimes, accidentally foods and drinks spill, and that damages them.

That's where the mattress protector comes in. It protects mattresses from fungi, dust mites, etc. Not only this, there are many other benefits of using a zippered mattress Encasement, let’s explore them below:

The best option for the mattress protection

Covers only protect the mattress from the top and the sides, and the bottom remains open for all allergens and dust particles. It can be a major problem for the mattress as well as your health. Because one side is left open, it may get damaged and dirty sooner. On the contrary, zippered mattress protectors don't cause such issues. They cover and protect the mattress from all sides, which keeps the dust mites away. You need to choose one that unarguably opposes these problems. Plus, they do have a measure of vulnerability known as the micronaire. So, you should select the smallest micron you are reading as it indicates the smaller fabric pore for the protection of the mattress.

Stop bed bugs

Another benefit of a zippered mattress protector is the prevention of bed bugs. These critters can thrive between the tiny fibres of the inside material of your mattress. They can be infectious if not eliminated on time. Sometimes these pests catch you when you visit hotels. However, dislodging them is very challenging, as they keep laying eggs from place to place that are difficult to find without a microscope. A zippered cover would stop them from holding on and growing inside your mattress if you were to bring them home and also make it easier to deal with these problems.

Protects from allergies

Zippered mattresses are also highly effective at battling allergens in your house. Moreover, the mattress usually accumulates dirt, dust, and other small debris, which can result in severe respiratory conditions such as asthma. A zipper protector is like a barrier between the mattress and specific antigens, protecting it from being fixed into the material. Plus, they are washable to maintain a cleaner and hygienic environment.

Hence, these are some benefits of using a zippered mattress protector.

Final Thought

Most people don't know the difference between a mattress and a zippered cover. The cover covers the top and sides of the mattress, while zippered covers the mattress from all sides and protects it from dust, dirt, and allergens. So, if you are also planning to replace your ordinary cover with a zippered mattress cover, you need to contact “Sleep And Beyond.” They provide standard quality zippered covers, pillows, bedsheets, etc. Here is their official website link sleepandbeyond.com of the reputed company, you can visit.


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