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Do you wanna own a business in UAE, Having your own offshore business in UAE has several benefits that we have listed below:-

  • Protection of Assets
  • The cost of Registration is low
  • Confidentiality of the business finance.
  • No Red Tape
  • Full ownership with secure property rights.

The Offshore company means that it is a business in which investors of the company live in the other country. Offshore companies in the UAE carry out some major activities in the UAE that are following:- 

  • Investment
  • Ownership of property
  • Owning of yacht
  • Management of ships etc..

Required Documents for Offshore Company Formation In UAE.

  •  Shareholder and directors passport copies.
  • Company Name
  • Investors profile details or CVs
  • Owner residential proof.


Advantages of Offshore Company

There are several advantages of offshore company in the UAE. We have listed some major benefits below:- 

  • Easily use of any currency.
  • No import duties are applicable.
  • 100% full foreign ownership.
  • Setting up processes is easy and quick.
  • Every kind of international business is suitable.
  • Reporting and governing requirements are simple and easy.
  • There is no need for public registration for officers.
  • No accounting and obligations charges.
  • 1000% tax-free registration.

Why Should You Go For an Offshore Company in the UAE?

  1. Less capital requirement – To start an offshore company in UAE we don’t need a big amount of capital. We can easily and quickly start from low capital.
  2. Tax Comfort – well, the biggest benefit of starting an offshore company is there is a 100% tax exemption. It allows business owners to take part in different activities. There is also tax exemption on Income tax, corporate tax, and personal tax that ensure a great return on money.
  3. Easy and quick incorporation  – The process of offshore company formation is simple and easy. The cost of an offshore company is less in comparison to mainland and free-zone company setup. It is not necessary to have a physical presence of the office.
  4.  Confidentiality –  The confidentiality data of the owners, investors and shareholders are kept confidential. It is another biggest advantage to start an offshore company.
  5. Protection of Assets – As per law, the UAE government provides the protection of the company assets and property. The real estate and assets create the separation between the company assets and the creditors.
  6. 100% Full Ownership  – For offshore companies, we don’t need a local investor or partner and also enjoy 100% ownership of the company.
  7. Lower Administration – The legal duty of the director is less and physical office requirements can be exchanged from the virtual office which is cost-effective.
  8. No Dual Taxation – As per the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTTA) among countries, international and the taxpayer are no need to pay tax in two different countries.

Other Merits of Starting an Offshore Company in the UAE.

  1. 100% percent tax free with 100% company ownership and Financial privacy.
  2. Excellent Banking service and all currency support.
  3. Quick and easy process to set up.
  4. No need for physical office presence to run offshore business.
  5. No. free zone areas are available in the UAE.
  6. Easy to get a license and secure business.

We hope that this information will help you. Start your offshore company in Dubai, UAE Now. To hire a professional service click here.


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