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This type of garment is unique to the individual who will be wearing it and is made specifically to meet their needs and preferences. Custom kilt are tailored to the wearer's exact measurements and design preferences, unlike off-the-rack kilts, which come in standard sizes and styles.

You can select the fabric, style, and other details of a custom kilt when you order one. If you prefer a more modern fabric, such as cotton, linen, or silk, you can choose wool tartan. In addition, you can choose the type of pleat, the width of the waistband, and other details to make your kilt unique.

Scottish kilts and other garments are often made by skilled craftsmen who have experience creating traditional Scottish garments. They may be more expensive than off-the-rack kilts, but they offer a higher level of quality and fit. For a one-of-a-kind kilt that is tailored to your body and personal style, a custom kilt may be the best choice.

A Custom Tartan Kilt's Worth Its Value;

If you're looking to buy a Custom Tartan Kilt, you're in luck! You have a lot of options when it comes to traditional and contemporary Scottish kilts. The design and hues of your tartan kilt can be customized to reflect your unique taste and heritage. You can even have your kilt tailored to your precise measurements for the perfect fit. Whether you're searching for a formal occasion kilt or a casual addition to your wardrobe, a custom Scottish tartan kilt is a stunning choice.

Taking Tartan From Classics To Moderns;

Since ancient Scotland, tartan kilts have had a rich and storied history. Originally worn by Gaelic-speaking Highlander clans as a form of traditional dress, the kilt was made of woolen cloth that was hand-dyed and woven into a distinctive pattern or “tartan.” Tartan kilts have become a symbol of Scottish pride and culture, worn by people all over the world for a variety of occasions in modern times. The traditional kilt is still made the same way it has been for centuries, but there are also many contemporary versions available today, including custom tartan kilts that can be custom-made to match the wearer's tastes. You can choose between ancient or modern tartan kilts, both of which are truly unique.

Is It Time To Purchase Custom Tartan Clothing?

Instead of wasting money on a subpar tartan kilt, everyone wants to purchase from a reliable and useful store. We believe that USA Kilt Store is the most reputable of the many online retailers where you can buy a kilt. USA Kilt Store sells a variety of fashionable and trendy tartan kilts, as well as custom tartan fabrics for men and women.

We have listed the most popular and best-selling tartan kilts for you to choose from. 


We recommend the Wallace Tartan Kilt for Men as our Best Value Tartan Kilts. Anyone seeking a Superb Quality economical kilt should consider the Wallace Tartan Kilt. The Wallace tartan kilt is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. In addition to being reasonably priced, this kit feels like wool and looks good as well. It is our goal to deliver the highest quality kilts to our customers.

There is an extremely high demand for Wallace Tartan kilts among traditional males in Scottish society. With their easy-to-maintain acrylic wool construction, Wallace kilts are ideal for sporting events and social gatherings. Featuring three leather fastening straps that can be adjusted, this tartan clan kilt looks great. In addition to custom choices, the Wallace Tartan is available in 8 yards for men's tartan kilts.


In the Campbell Tartan Kilt, you will find beautiful natural tones. An elegant, casual design makes this kilt suitable for both morning and evening events. Due to its swirly pattern, it can be paired with almost any top and pair of sneakers, making it an excellent asset to your wardrobe. This tartan kilt is distinguished by its broad diagonal lines and columns divided by thick black patterns.


There are three velvet loops that close with brass buckles that can be adjusted on this Irish Royal Tartan Kilt. Irish society loves to wear kilts with the traditional tartan of Ireland. Any spills during social gatherings or athletic events can be easily cleaned with Irish tartan kilts made of polyester wool.


This Scottish, acrylic kilt is not an inexpensive, conventional kilt. An excellent quality acrylic kilt at an affordable price, made of acrylic fabric. For rustic craft fairs, Scottish celebrations, or any other occasion where woolen kilts can get dirty or spoiled, an acrylic kilt is ideal. In comparison with a wool kilt, it is relatively easy to wash because it can be wiped with a machine. Compared to wool kilts, acrylic kilts are more reasonable alternatives without looking flashy or like costumes. In addition to the black diced hat, it is available with a black traditional Jacobite shirt, a black leather daytime Sporran, and black kilt hose, which can be combined to make the perfect outfit.


This Douglas tartan kilt is generally linked to Douglass from the late 1400s. The print, which consists of royal blue, and emerald green, with blue striped accents, looks quite impressive. Wear a brave people kilt to honor outstanding developers even more. You'll feel warm and comfortable wearing this Douglas tartan kilt. For its more unconventional purpose, cotton fabric has been inserted inside to prevent irritation. This tartan kilt is flexible for many sizes and is composed of acrylic wool 12 oz. The natural leather side straps on your kilt allow for excellent kilt adjustment. To have a fully realistic classic look and comprehensive Scots male attire, the kilt edges are left unpainted.


Acrylic wool is used to make the Macdonald tartan kilt. This kilt has leather straps that can be modified, and the buckles are blemished. We only offer top-notch kilt materials. Scottish tartans create the appearance of a Scottish clan, and each Scottish lineage has its own tartan that is identified by its last name. Scottish kilts are generally connected with the Highlands.

Tartan Kilt by MACGREGOR;

The Clan MacGregor Tartan Kilt is for you if you are a descendant of Clan MacGregor or simply wish to display your Scottish ancestry by donning one of your beloved tartans. This kilt is the ideal option for creating a great impression day or night, no matter what the day's obligations entail. Its main colors are red and green, but also available in other different colors, with tiny white stripes crossing both horizontally as well as vertically across the green stripes. The Clan MacGregor kilt is a great option to wear to family get-togethers to demonstrate your patriotism.


The Royal Stewart kilt is made from one of the most well-known tartans in the world. This particular garment is also called a Royal Stuart kilt. Scottish weddings, celebrations, and gatherings are most frequently adorned with this tartan.


Tartan men's kilts from Armstrong are available in a variety of tartan patterns. We will take care of your every need. Custom-made kilts are available. In order to ensure a perfect fit, we recommend that you include your waist size in inches, thigh size, intended length, and full measurements. If you wish to select a size and tartan before placing an order, you can do so here. Easy maintenance and a long lifespan make it a good choice. Feeling comfortable is the same whether you are at work or playing a game.


The Clan Gordon Tartan Kilt will look great whether you're attending a formal or casual gathering. Colors in this tartan include blue, yellow, and green, and both men and women can wear it. No matter how you decide to wear the kilt or what you wear it with, you can be sure it will fit perfectly after receiving it since it has several hooks on either side. Input your kilt sizes, such as full width, full length, hip size, and waist size, to get the perfect fit.


Whether you're attending a wedding, sporting event, or any special event, a tartan kilt is the perfect choice. Thanks to our unequaled quality, our 100% natural and pure products speak for themselves. It is our purpose and commitment that serve as the benchmark for everything we do. Kilts made in tartan are a specialty of USA Kilt Store. To ensure maximum appeal at every festival, our kilt maker uses the best ingredients available to create premium tartan kilts and accessories. We offer customers customized kilts all day, every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the USA Kilt Store.




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