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What Are The Benefits Of White Label App Development For Businesses?

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While planning to launch an app in the market, every business wishes to build apps like Zomato, Grubhub, Amazon, UberEats, etc. Well, it is their wish but they do not know whether they can build such apps or not? Certainly, it is easy to build an app like the successful apps listed above with white label app development.

Today, it is easy to build an app with essential and advanced features and the latest technologies integrated into your app. When it comes to a white-label app, it is about creating an app based on the idea of an existing app. Such apps can be customized to make changes to make them even more innovative.

Once you are done with white label app development, it can be sold to a client who will utilize the app with their brand logo and rebrand the app to use it for their brand.

A white label app is an ideal app for businesses who wish to have an app with minimal investment.

White label is gaining popularity to help businesses launch an app for their brand within less time. If you want to gain more information about white label app development, this article will help you know how white label apps can help your business to succeed.

White-Label Mobile App Development- What Is It About?


It is about a development process wherein a white-label mobile app development company builds a white-label app and further sells it to a client to meet their business needs.

The main objective of creating White Label Mobile Apps is about having a product that can be used by different companies with minimum customization variability.

Well, the reason why the idea of white-label app development is gaining popularity is that it helps the business owners own an app with minimal investment and resources.

  • White label mobile apps need fewer efforts as compared to custom apps as they are pre-built for businesses
  • Most start-ups prefer white label app solutions to enter the app market with minimal investment.


For instance, if you wish to release an app just like Amazon in a specific country where there is no similar app trending, then you can hit the app market faster with the help of a white-label app development company to build an app.

You can get flexible app solutions from them and you just need to alter the brand name, format, and color scheme to meet your choices. This helps you get your Amazon-like app ready to enter the market and start getting recognition.

To understand more about how white-label mobile app development can benefit your business, we will study the benefits but before that let us know the distinct white-label mobile apps.

Different Types of White Label Mobile Applications


The white-label mobile app development companies can sell their white-label apps to their clients in two different ways

1. Get App’s Framework And Access To Back-end Code

When you buy a white label app from a mobile development company, you will be given the framework of the app along with the back-end code. It helps you write code for the front end easily.

This type of white labeling app helps the client get complete control over creating the user interface of the app. Though it is not completely a white labeling solution as you need to invest in resources and time to build the front end.

2. Get App’s Framework And Access To Front-end And Back-end Code

When you buy a white-label app from a mobile app development company, you will get the framework of the app along with access to both back-end and front-end code.

Here, you do not get much liberty for modifications. The buyer can change the brand identity and brand name. Well, you get the liberty in terms of customization and scalability.

Discover The Benefits of White Label App Development For Your Business


1. No Need To Look Into Project Management

When you buy a readymade white-label mobile app, you don’t need to worry about how the project management process is going on.

The reason is that it is a pre-built and tested solution available to serve your business needs.

2. Cost-Effective

The affordable costs make white-label apps even more popular. Well, buying a readymade app solution would cost lesser than creating a custom mobile application.

To build a custom app or app from scratch you need to hire designers, developers, project managers, and other tech experts. When it comes to white-label app development, the apps offer a solution to match the needs of small to big businesses. You don’t have to pay for the overall app development and just pay for a small portion of it.

3. No Maintenance Hassles

In white labeling, sellers host the apps on their servers. It helps the buyer get a functional app but does not have access to the source code for the back-end.

The sellers dealing in white label apps have QA experts a devoted team of developers to monitor the performance of the app. So, you don’t need to worry about your app maintenance. In case of any technical bugs in any app, you can just inform the seller and their team would handle the issues.

On the other hand, you need to spend money to maintain your custom app.

Which Businesses Can Leverage White-Label Platforms?

A lot of businesses can reap the benefits of white-label platforms. But to name a few that have benefited from white label development immensely are:

  • Grocery delivery
  • Food delivery
  • Home services
  • Flower delivery
  • Healthcare
  • Pick and drop
  • Taxi booking app

Apps On Demand – Your Trusted White Label App Development Partner

We have in-depth knowledge of the current market trends and situation. Hence, we understand that white label apps can help businesses grow and sustain.

Through White label app development businesses can generate revenues with a small investment. A lot of companies offer white label app development services, but along with robust app solutions, we focus on clients’ growth. Why you should choose us for effective white label app development: 

Offer Custom White Label App

When it comes to custom white-label apps, we offer end-to-end services with customized logos and branding. 

As a buyer, you can get the liberty to customize the app features to meet your business needs.

Offer Cost-effective services

To meet the individual needs of your on-demand business, we utilize the latest technology and techniques. It helps you offer to serve your customers the best through a white-label app. All our services are affordable to help you invest less and get more.

Offer Round The Clock Technical Support

Our customers can approach us round the clock for the issues they may face with the app. We offer round-the-clock technical assistance to our clients so that the app functions smoothly without any interruptions.

Integrate Chat Functionality

We understand the importance of the live chat function hence we have this function to help you get in touch with our technical team.

We give utmost importance to communication and believe that our customers should be able to connect with us anytime. It helps our clients gain trust for future associations. 

Ensure Timely Project Delivery

We deliver your project on time to help you work on your business plan further. We understand the importance of time and money hence ensuring that every project we work on is delivered on time.


White label app development has simplified app development, especially for those who want to start their business with less investment in no time. 

The white-label apps are easily available for businesses to utilize for their brand. When white label apps are trending in the app market, you can also launch a white label app for your brand with a trusted white app development agency like Apps on Demand. Connect with us to discuss your requirements. We will analyse your requirements and get back to you with a free quote to help you know the estimated on-demand service app development cost for your project.

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