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When two people fall in love, they deeply want to stay together forever & this eternal bond is often reflected in a socially and legally sanctioned union known as marriage. It’s a knot that people tie with their loved ones to give a perfect definition of their love. 


In previous days, people relied on traditional methods to find a partner to get married. In this technology world where almost everything is possible online, why not people find their perfect life partner here? Matrimonial apps have transformed this matchmaking concept into reality. 


When considering the development of matrimonial apps, it's crucial to assess the app development cost, as it can vary based on the features and functionalities you want to incorporate. Collaborating with a reputable matrimonial app development company in the USA can help you navigate these costs while ensuring top-notch security and privacy features for your users, offering an authentic matchmaking experience.


If you're aiming to make your wedding app compatible with both iOS and Android, it's crucial to partner with experienced Android apps developers who can ensure a seamless cross-platform experience. Finding a reliable matrimonial app development company in the USA, like those with expertise in Android and iphone app development, will be essential for creating a feature-rich and successful matrimonial app. In this blog, we'll delve into the key aspects of such apps and explore some popular examples to guide you through the development process.

Best matrimony apps for Android & iOS

When it comes to choosing the best matrimony app, you will get plenty of options. For your convenience, we have selected the 8 best marriage apps that would help you find your perfect match:

Sr. No.

App Name



Available On





iOS & Android





iOS & Android





iOS & Android





iOS & Android







ABP Weddings



iOS & Android





iOS & Android





iOS & Android

1. BharatMatrimony

Bharat Matrimony is one of the most trusted and reliable matrimonial apps that help you find the best match from across diverse communities – Agarwal, Brahmin, Kayastha, Maratha, Rajput, Kalita, Reddy & much more. This is the fastest-growing app for marriage that perfectly works on iOS and Android devices.

Why choose BharatMatrimony?

  • Most trusted matrimony service
  • Wide range of profiles to find the perfect match
  • 100% verified mobile numbers with genuine profiles
  • Guaranteed service for 22+ years

App highlights

  • Easy & smooth navigation
  • Find, refine & save potential matches
  • Instant notifications
  • View profile info, interests, and photos for free

2. Jeevansathi

Jeevansathi is one of the best matrimony sites in India that offers the best matching algorithms. With advanced and user-friendly search filters, you can seamlessly explore millions of authentic profiles from a spectrum of communities, professions, and religions across the world to find your perfect match. This app allows you to register for free & search based on your criteria. Moreover, regular custom notifications and emails also make the process easy & take you close to your partner.

Why choose Jeevansathi?

  • Millions of genuine profiles
  • Verification by Visit
  • 100% privacy & strict security features
  • Trusted & reliable matrimony service

App highlights

  • Free messenger, video, and voice call service
  • Easy video profile upload
  • Provides online & in-person verification
  • Easy to search and operate
  • Smooth interface

3. Shaadi.com

Founded in 1996, this is one of the successful matrimonial apps that has more than 6 million success stories. Shaadi.com allows you to easily create a profile & register to check a number of profiles & photos. The free personal messaging feature of this app also helps you know the interests of your partner more easily.

Why choose Shaadi.com?

  • Guaranteed matrimony service
  • 100% genuine profiles
  • Security & privacy support
  • Trusted by millions

App highlights

  • Offers caste, professional & community-based categories
  • Get match recommendations on a daily basis
  • 100% secure and smooth navigation
  • Excellent UI

4. Betterhalf.ai

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Betterhalf.ai is one of the fastest-growing matrimonial apps without direct parental involvement. The specialty of this app is that it connects two hearts through artificial intelligence. With the power of modern AI technology, Betterhalf.ai brings a brand new approach to matchmaking in India. Since its inception, this application has successfully made 10,000+ marriages possible.

Why choose Betterhalf.ai?

  • Match with selfie & govt-ID verified profiles
  • 10000+ successful marriages
  • 100% genuine AI-recommended matches
  • Access to marriage-related solutions

App highlights

  • Easy to find the perfect match
  • Easy and smooth navigation
  • Suitable for iOS & Android


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5. LifePartner.in

This app will take your matchmaking experience to the next level. The simple and convenient features of this app help you find your perfect partner from different communities based on qualifications, age, profession, social background, and other interests. This app helps you register for free and check thousands of verified profiles. With the premium version of the Life Partner app, you can get more additional benefits.

Why choose the Life Partner app?

  • An easy and convenient search
  • 100% verified and authentic profiles
  • Free registration
  • Simple to browse matrimonial by different communities

App highlights

  • User-friendly and smooth app interface
  • Protected and secure personal info
  • Remarriage matrimonial feature
  • Allow saving your favorites

6. ABP Weddings

ABP Weddings is a popular and verified matrimonial app designed for Bengali & Marathi communities. This app helps you upload a photo ID to stay away from fraud and fake profiles. 


Moreover, the ABP weddings app never allows sharing of personal information with third parties. In addition, with the help of a GPS search system, you can also find your best match within your locality. This app gives prompt notification support when a matched profile starts communicating with you.

Why choose ABP weddings?

  • Real and verified profiles
  • Most trusted matrimonial solutions
  • Easy communication with matches
  • 100% privacy

App highlights

  • Moderates profiles to find matches manually
  • Easy and convenient registration
  • Lightweight application
  • Simple to navigate

7. Sangam.com

Powered by Shaadi.com, Sangam.com is a widely popular family matrimonial app that helps parents look for the right partner for their daughter or son. The concept of Sangam.com is very unique. Unlike other Matrimony apps, this app provides complete family & background info to take your matchmaking experience one step ahead with more confidence. With more than 80 community sites, this app will help you find a perfect match from the community.

Why choose Sangam.com?

  • Full privacy to personal info
  • 100% verified profiles
  • Get detailed family information
  • 40000+ success stories

App highlights

  • Authentic family-related information available
  • Easy to navigate
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with iOS & Android

8. Lovevivah.com

Lovevivah.com is a well-recognized free best matrimony app that comes with Aadhaar-linked verified profiles. This app is a great choice for those brides & grooms who are looking for a perfect match based on their castes, religions, states, and professions.

Why choose Lovevivah.com?

  • Multilingual support
  • One of the trusted free matrimonial sites
  • Aadhaar-linked verified profiles
  • Free and secure registration
  • 100% privacy

App highlights

  • Simple and fast navigation
  • Compatible with iOS & Android
  • Smooth UI
  • User-friendly features
  • Easy login & registration

Key features of the matrimonial app

Matrimonial apps come with a number of necessary and advanced features to give an unparalleled user experience to the users. Top features include: 


  1. Quick login & sign up: This is one of the must-have features of a matrimonial app that gives a smooth sign-up experience to the users. It helps users register independently to open an account & gain access to the application.


  1. Profile set-up and verification: For any matrimonial matchmaking app, profile configuration & verification both play a crucial role as people deeply rely on this feature. This feature allows users to add detailed information like name, address, contacts, caste, religion & profession and verify with photos and important IDs so that you can maintain the authenticity of the account. 


  1. Security features: Adding security features to your profile will help you protect it from others who want to misuse and hack the important information on your profile. Moreover, this feature also gives you the forget password option so that you can change your password any time you want.


  1. Search & filter: This is one of the important and must-have features that helps you set your search preferences based on community, place, profession, age, and other factors and seamless search to find the perfect match. 


  1. In-app chat feature: Whether it’s a matrimonial app or a dating app, the in-app chat feature is crucial for any matchmaking application. It allows you to communicate with the matched profiles to know their interests, lifestyles, and thoughts. In this way, users can easily know each other & plan for dates.


  1. GPS location tracking: This is a unique feature of matrimony apps that enables you to find your perfect match based on the nearest location. Moreover, with the geo-location tracking functionality, you can also search for the best matches outside the city. 


  1. Privacy & user blocking feature: Providing security & privacy to the users is one of the major concerns. This feature enables you to block any profile that creates unnecessary problems and nuisances.


  1. Payment gateways: Integrating the payment gateway feature helps you with several secure payment options like Credit or Debit cards, UPI, PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe to purchase prime memberships with the applications. Flexibility in payment gateways helps users in other countries who have preferred payment making modes.


  1. Push notifications: Notification deeply influences user engagement and this feature helps to keep the users always updated. It will also notify you when someone sends you a message & views your profile.

Must-have features of matrimonial app

User panel features

Admin panel features

Login or registration


Profile set-up & verification

Customer profile verification

Partner preferences set-up


Search profile & filters

Customer management

Geo-location tracking

Payment gateway integration

Privacy and blocking

Third-party API integration

Push notifications

Reporting and analytics

In-app chat feature

Membership packages

Security features

CMS & CRM integration

How to monetize a matrimonial app?

No matter how feature-rich or successful your app is, if you would like to offer a long-term experience to your customers, you should know how to keep your app monetized and gain a good profit from the app – according to a custom android app development company in India.


In today’s market, businesses prefer to use different strategies and follow methodologies to boost their revenues. Here we have shared some top business models that will help you increase your profit margin.


  1. Freemium Model: This is a basic internet-based basic mandate model that helps you keep your business running smoothly. As the name implies, the freemium model is free for users. It also helps you gauge the potential users on your platform for maintaining its prominence and popularity in the competitive market.


  1. Subscription model: This is one of the best models that allow businesses to gain good profit margins. With the subscription model, you can ask your customers to select a suitable one from the list of monthly or yearly basis plans. This model also helps users get superior benefits from premium features. 


  1. Ads-based model: In this business model, vendors usually place their ads that are relevant to matrimony platforms with some charges to retain business growth. This model helps to grab a wide number of potential customers in a very short time & effectively increases business revenue. 


  1. Wedding business promotions: This model brings one of the perfect ways to promote online wedding businesses. It’s a great choice for the vendors as it helps to pull huge revenue with their services. Vendors can add caterer services, wedding invitations, decorations & other things in one place for customers’ convenience.

Cost of developing a best matrimony app

No doubt, it’s difficult to determine how much does wedding app development cost in India. Like other apps, a best matrimony app has a set of features and functionalities, so, it’s tough to figure out the exact cost of making this type of app. It depends on different factors like app complexity level, developer’s hourly rate, app features, developer’s regions, etc.


Considering all basic features & characteristics, then making a matrimonial application would cost you approx $15000 to $20000. Take a look at the following list that mentions region-wise hourly rates of matrimonial app development services in India and other countries.



Developers’ hourly rate

US or UK-based apps

$70 to $250 per hour

Eastern Europe-based apps

$50 to $150 per hour

India-based apps

$20 to $70 per hour

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Final Words

By incorporating the unique app features and functionalities into your matrimony app, you will help your potential users connect & find the perfect match. Moreover, while making the best matrimony app, you should keep in mind some important factors such as user authentication, security, and privacy features, otherwise, you can’t attract new customers and build trust in them. Want to know more about cross-platform matrimonial apps and what is the average cost of developing an app? Stay in touch with our experts at Sphinx Solutions.


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