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Some golf club manufacturers make highly specific recommendations for which golf shafts players should pair with each model. For instance, TaylorMade only makes four specific shaft recommendations for its Stealth drivers: the Fujikura Ventus Red, Aldila Ascent Red, Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6, and Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60.

This does not mean these are the only shafts players should seriously consider; just that they’re the only ones that make a good enough match for the majority of players, enough of the time, that TaylorMade would recommend them.

Now let’s say you’re swinging a Titleist TSR3 Hybrid? What Titleist shafts does the manufacturer recommend? Unfortunately, narrowing down your list of the best golf shafts here is going to be much more difficult because of the number of options Titleist suggests.

Mitsubishi shafts:
● TENSEI CK Pro White Hybrid 90
● TENSEI 1K Black (85 and 95 hybrids)
● TENSEI AV Raw Blue (multiple)
● TENSEI AV Xlink Blue (65 and 75 hybrid)
● TENSEI CK Pro Hybrid (multiple models)
● Kuro Kage Black (multiple models)
● SpeedMesh 40 and 50 hybrids

Fujikura shafts:
● Ventus VeloCore Black and Blue (select hybrid models)
● ATMOS Tour Spec shafts (multiple)

From Project X:
● HZRDUS Red hybrids
● HZRDUS Black hybrids
● HZRDUS Smoke Black hybrids
● EvenFlow Blue and White hybrids

From Graphite Design:
● Tour AD DI-105 Hybrid
● Tour AD DI-85 Hybrid
● Tour AD HY-85
● Tour AD AZ 85 and 95 hybrids

From Aldila:
● ROGUE MAX Hybrid 85
● ASCENT Ultralight hybrids (40 and 50)

From Dumina:
● Autoflex golf shafts

From True Temper:
● Dynamic Gold shafts

As you can see, this is quite a long list of recommended Titleist golf shafts – and all for TSR3 hybrids – but why are there so many?

Why All the Fuss?
For one, Titleist TSR3 Hybrids are precision-tuned for performance, in the hands of a wide range of players.

They feature tour-inspired shape, performance tuned adjustability, SureFit Adjustability, higher-interia club bodies, and a design with a lower surface area that makes them faster through the rough.

Greater adjustability and suitable for play through both short and longer, rougher grass makes these hybrids suitable to the needs of a diverse range of players.

This, in turn, is what makes it difficult to narrow down the best golf shafts that make a match for it.

Why There’s Such a Wide Range of Recommended Titleist Shafts
These hybrid club heads can be serviceable in the hands of many different players; they are also with three different loft settings.

But considering the fact that they offer such adjustable performance, that naturally creates a proliferation among suitable shafts. Add in players’ unique abilities and needs, and that makes it tough to choose.

For instance, if you’re a player with a slower swing, it might not be the best idea to pair a TSR3 Hybrid with a HZRDUS Black; conversely, if you have a faster, more aggressive swing, an Autoflex shaft might feel too flexible for you.

That is why – official recommendations notwithstanding – your best bet is to work with a golf club fitter.

How to Choose the Best Golf Shaft – for You
Only a professional golf club fitter can make truly personalized recommendations for which shafts to pair with specific clubs.

Read up on golf club fitting services and then if you’re interested in this hybrid or any of the shafts mentioned here, visit Dallas Golf Company via the previous link.

They offer a wide range of clubs and shafts at great prices and they also offer professional golf club fitting services, along with an online shaft fitting tool.

Visit their website for more details or get in touch with them at 800-955-9550.

For more information about Mitsubishi Shafts and Fujikura Ventus Please visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.


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