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What Are the Best Pigeon Proofing Solutions Recommended by Experts?

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Bird proofing, and especially pigeon proofing, is a very important part for many home and business owners. But it is also a very big deal for a lot of city officials. That’s because they all need solutions that will keep the birds away from various spaces and buildings and also not stick out, ruining the whole aesthetic. So that’s why they have to find efficient and low-profile solutions.  

Why Is Bird Proofing So Important?

Although most birds are great to look at and some even make great house pets, some of them may be a real nuisance when living in densely populated areas. And that’s because they will tend to nest wherever they find a spot, make a mess and generally be quite noisy. Also, when picking a place for their nests, they can actually injure themselves. That’s why people have been looking for various solutions to deal with this problem. From public buildings to private homes and even to industrial structures, all need some help in dealing with bird from time to time.

That is why bird proofing  is so important to some people. This way they don’t have to deal with removing bird nests and cleaning up after them. they simply make sure that the birds don’t make their nests in certain areas to begin with. This way, they protect peoples’ homes and public structures, but they also help birds return to their natural habitats. That’s because if birds are left to their own devices, they will start to adjust to living in the cities and towns and that can lead to some serious problems in bird populations and behaviors.

Also, bird proofing is a great way of keeping some areas clean. For instance, parks and other green areas are preferred by birds for nesting and looking for food. That means that those areas are also quite messy from all the droppings. Cleaning them up and making the place look nice again takes time and quite a bit of money. Also, birds can become fiercely territorial. They can attack other birds and even people sometimes, if they are not removed from the area. That’s why getting rid of them is so important.

Is Bird Proofing Expensive?

Bird proofing can be done in a lot of ways, and some solutions may be more expensive than others. The price depends on a lot of factors. For instance, the method used is very important. There are methods that use simple substances spread over a certain area or others that might involve more complicated systems and elements. According to which one is best suited for your needs, a price can be established. Sure, you can always negotiate the price and solution, but that might mean you’ll have to compromise on the quality and effectiveness of it.

Also, another factor that can set the price of your bird proofing investment is the area you are looking to cover. Understandably, it costs more to deploy certain solutions on the roof of a factory than the roof of a simple house. The materials used will differ and also the equipment used and the labor itself. But that can all be discussed with the people that will be doing the proofing itself.

Should I Hire Professionals for This?

Always. You should always work with professionals when you need to get rid of birds from your property. You may think that by doing it yourself you’ll be saving a pretty penny, but there are other risks and costs involved that can cancel out any savings you manage to make.

What Are the Best Pigeon Proofing Solutions?

There are a lot of pigeon proofing solutions on the market. One of the most common, especially for large spaces such as factories or other tall buildings, is pigeon nets. These nets are used in order to create a simple barrier, usually right where the ceiling joins the walls, that will keep the pigeons away. That’s because the nets work in couple of ways. Firstly, most of them are colored really brightly, or coated in a paint that pigeons can see. That usually scares them and makes them avoid that part of the building. Also, if they do venture all the way to the net, they usually get tangled in it and get scared off. Granted, this solution may be thought as a bit harsh for the birds, but it is quite effective.

Another great pigeon proofing solution various installations on the outside of the buildings. These are usually meant to deter pigeons from perching on ledges or other surfaces on the outside of buildings. Among these, the spikes might be the best known. These metal strips with metal spikes sticking out of them are very efficient against pigeons. But they may stick out a bit, especially on the side of historic buildings. If you’re looking for something more aesthetic, wire and pin installations are for you. These work by simply not letting the pigeons land on the edges where they are installed. They are harmless to the birds and are also a lot more low-profile than the spikes.

Bird Free eliminates health hazard at hospital: https://youtu.be/wLXjenBPBfI

Where Can You Find the Best Pigeon Proofing Solutions?

The best place to go when looking for pigeon proofing solutions is your nearest pest control company. That’s because they usually have a large selection of deterrents that can be used to solve your problems. They can even make recommendations regarding which solution is best for you. That’s good because a lot of people tend to choose whatever they heard about from others, or whatever is cheapest, without doing some proper research and seeing what actually fits them best.

Are These Solutions Long Lasting?

Most solutions are long lasting. That’s because people are looking for options that they don’t have to take care of every 6 months. The only time you should worry about such a solution is when you start to notice that the pigeons are back again. But that will usually only happen after some years after the solution is deployed.




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