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What Are The Cause Of Water Purifier Failure And How To Fix It?

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Water purifiers have become a common article and you can find it in most houses. The benefits of having water purifier installed at home are many. This include

  • Water purifier ensures safe drinking water round the clock
  • It saves cost as buying bottles of pure drinking water is costlier than RO in a long run
  • It keeps the family healthy

To utilize all these benefits of water purifier, it is important that water purifier that you are using at home should be serviced regularly. For this, you can call at RO service center number ask for assistance. However, it is important here that being a water purifier user, you must know various reasons that lead to RO failure and how to fix different issues.

Cause Of Failure In Water Purifier

Not Changing The Main Filter Regularly – There are total four or five filters in an RO. One filter present outside the body should be replaced every three months or according to the company's recommendation. Though, this filter can last for one year, but the taste of water may vary. If it is not changed regularly, it will transfer filter pressure on other parts of RO, which will eventually lead to failure of the whole RO system. The other filters and membranes should also be replaced in two to five years.

Inadequate Water Pressure – It is important that tap connected to RO should have adequate water pressure. In a situation, when pressure become more, either the membranes present in the top portion start to leak or you get bad tasting water.

Chlorine Deposition – Chlorine in water blocks minute pores of the membrane present in RO. Prolong ignorance of this issue or in a situation when the membrane is not change, leakage start in RO that lead to its failure.

So, these are various reasons why water purifiers fail to work flawlessly.

The Solution For All Issues

The only solution of all problems you are facing in your water purifier is, regular maintenance and annual maintenance of water purifier. This ensures good health of RO and constant supply of healthy drinking water that is good in taste too.

To get your water purifier serviced regularly and for the annual maintenance of the purifier, take help from RO service center. Call them to take assistance anytime and have good working RO for lifetime.


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