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When using a spray tan machine, it’s critical that you’ve maintained the machine properly and it’s adjusted correctly to get the best results.

In this article we look at some of the common problems people experience with spray tan machines and the simple solutions to quickly troubleshoot them

The spray tan machine is not working

Check your power connection!

Is it plugged into a live power outlet and switched on at the socket?

Is the on button on your spray tan machine is set to the on mode?

Leaking or splattering

Having a leaking or splattering solution will cause a very uneven tan and a waste solution.

  • This is usually caused because there is too much spray tan solution in your spray gun reservoir or cup.
  • Check the directions for filling the gun reservoir and the maximum amount to place in it.
  • Ensure that the thread on the reservoir cup is clean and that its screwed up correctly
  • The gun nozzle may be blocked, to fix this, spray some clean water through the system to clean it out. Make sure you clean it properly each time you use it

No air is flowing from the spray gun

  • Ensure that the hose from the compressor is fitted correctly and the compressor is sending air to the gun
  • Check the tip of the spray gun to ensure it’s not blocked, so spray some clean water through it to clear it out

Parts of your spray tan machine are hot

It’s important that your spray tan machine and associated equipment is well ventilated and has enough airflow around it for proper cooling

  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the airflow around your spray tan machine and equipment
  • Regularly clean the components and internal fans so there is no build up of materials to obstruct air flow and also check the exhaust system for obstructions

Uneven fading or patchy result

Using a spray tanning solution containing alcohol can cause the skin to dry out unevenly, so use water based solutions

Streaky or runny results

This is usually caused because the spray gun is too close to the body or the solution used is too heavy, thick or oily. Use a lighter solution and try to spray the thinnest possible coating without too much overlapping while maintain the correct distance

The tan does not develop

This is caused by having a barrier on the skin such as soap residue, moisturizer or perfume. To ensure this does not happen, exfoliate starting from the head and work down the body the rinse with clean water.

Towel dry before tanning and allow time for the solution to set after spraying.

Face fades faster than the rest of the tan

This can happen with applying and removing makeup or washing the face too often, so moisturize and have a healthy skin care regime.

By ensuring you properly clean the spray tan machine and associated equipment after every use most operating issues will be eliminated.


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