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What are the different styles of wedding photography?

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Everyone has different preferences. When the wedding is around the corner, you may have a certain colour scheme or wedding theme in mind. One of the important decisions is to take which wedding photography style should capture your big day. Whether you want to stick to classic-themed photography or dark and moody is your choice. Also, deciding your wedding photography style or theme can help you pick the right wedding photographer.

Choosing the right photographer is vital as he is the person who is going to capture the most special moments of your life to cherish forever. Natural wedding photographer do not deviate from the style given to them. In the initial few meetings with him, provide them a clear perspective of how you want your wedding photography pictures to be taken.

Know the different themes

Before deciding on your wedding photography style, it is imperative to go through a guide that can help you understand different wedding themes or styles. For example, a dark and moody style will focus on deep and bold hues pictures, while bright and fine arts pictures represent gorgeousness, glory, and brightness.

If you want to know more, here are the top wedding photography styles.

  1. Classic wedding photography

You would have gone through your grandparent's or parents' wedding albums. Those were classic images that were made in striking and formal patterns. These photos exhibit reality and portray the power of the artistic license of the photographer. They include posed shots, family portraits, simple moments, traditional style, etc.

  1. Fine Art wedding photography

Quite like traditional wedding photography, the difference is that it captures light, brightness, and romance. It is softer and more gentle than classic images. It intends to narrate a beautifully woven story with an artistic touch. This popular style uses bold and bright colors at outdoor weddings.

  1. Candid wedding photography

Instead of planned shots, this photojournalistic photography shoots candid moments and random pictures. It is made in the documentary style. The candid wedding photographer capture in-between moments reflecting the mood of the wedding day. The more the interactions between the people, the better the moments created.

  1. Lifestyle wedding photography

Consider lifestyle photography if you are looking for something that lies middle between spontaneity and a planned photoshoot. Lifestyle photography is candid yet infused with some direction and style. It offers a relaxed result.

  1. Dark and Moody wedding photography

Are you looking forward to creating something distinct? The dark and moody style is the one for you. It has the edge over the other styles with its extremely different photography aesthetic. It has a unique editing style, and post-production edits given them a filtered effect.



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