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Birds of the same feather flock together! Similarly, fashion is wardrobe’s cousin; they both go hand in hand. It is one of the most powerful and profound statements of personal expression. The clothes that you put on, the shoes that you wear, and the accessories that you adorn talk a lot about your personality. To put on the best foot forward, you must groom yourself accordingly and hence you need to design identity in your part of your home – a wardrobe!

Fashion does make people look and feel good about themselves, every new day! It speaks volumes about yourself, makes you feel ever-confident, and brings out the best in you. The closet or wardrobe space is an important element in your home, more specifically in your bedroom. The orientation of the wardrobe does also play a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetics of your dream nest.

The different types of wardrobe fittings and accessories include wardrobe rail fittings, iron rack, sliding door solutions with soft close, tie and belt holder, wardrobe lift – side mount, pull-out basket, pull-out mirror, wardrobe rack – trouser/saree, wardrobe pull-out shoe rack, wardrobe pull-out hanger – trouser/saree, wardrobe pull-out drawer organiser, wall bed fittings, make-up drawer container and tray, high slide – overlay and fold.


A typical wardrobe pull-out drawer organiser embellishes:


  • Multipurpose divider organisers with varied storage options
  • Motility around a completed wardrobe to match your comfort and needs
  • Utilised for keeping ornaments, watches, bangles, or others

We offer the best quality and robust design to enhance the look and décor of your bedroom. From a basic design to that luxurious wardrobe with the most advanced wardrobe fittings and accessories, we have it all. Additionally, you may choose a security control system – Biometric locks for your wardrobe to secure your precious jewels, documents, and accessories.


A wardrobe lift side mount is capable of:


  • Hang suits and dresses in the top area of the wardrobe
  • Lift can be lowered and locked in position to remove or keep clothes
  • Sustain 10 kilograms with superior soft up and down hydraulics

Experience a whole new world at our flagship experience centres in Bangalore. From smart architectural hardware to fittings, and accessories to control systems, the centre offers you a complete “one-stop-shop” for all your furniture requirements especially your wardrobe. From traditional to futuristic, your office and home furniture fittings are just a click away. Think SIA – think Sleek | Innovative | Aesthetical

To leverage our bespoke wardrobe fittings and accessories, connect with us for an elegant and modern designed bedroom. SIA has around 80+ big brands under one umbrella: Ebco, Kich, Kaff, Dorma, Samsung, Henderson, Coburn, Ipsa, Poonam, Cata, etc.

Our latest solutions will help you to pick the right choice of wardrobe fittings accessories for a smart and futuristic look. Design your nest with the best quality bedroom fittings and the wardrobe lifts & accessories for the perfectly comfortable and easy accessible space. From traditional to futuristic, your wardrobe fittings are just a click away. Alternatively, drive into the best hardware store in Bangalore to experience the whole new world of architectural marvel. Take the privilege of visiting the Ebco Display Centre in Koramangala, Bangalore that will leave you awed!


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