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Activated carbon has strong physical and chemical adsorption functions, and also has detoxification effects. The detoxification effect is to use its huge area to adsorb poisons in the micropores of activated carbon, thereby preventing the absorption of poisons.

At the same time, activated carbon can be combined with a variety of chemical substances to prevent the absorption of these substances. Activated carbon adsorption refers to the use of the solid surface of activated carbon to adsorb one or more substances in water to achieve the purpose of purifying water.

Factors affecting the adsorption of activated carbon: adsorption capacity and adsorption speed are the main indicators to measure the adsorption process.powdered activated carbon manufacturer The size of the adsorption capacity is measured by the amount of adsorption, and the adsorption speed refers to the amount of material adsorbed by the unit weight of the adsorbent in a unit time.

In water treatment, the adsorption speed determines the time the sewage needs to contact the adsorbent. The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is related to the pore size and structure of activated carbon. Generally speaking, the smaller the particles, the faster the pore diffusion rate, and the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated carbon.

The pH and temperature of sewage also affect the adsorption of activated carbon. Activated carbon generally has a higher adsorption capacity under acidic conditions than under alkaline conditions. The adsorption reaction is usually exothermic, so low temperature is beneficial to the adsorption reaction. Of course, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is related to the concentration of sewage. At a certain temperature, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon increases with the increase in the equilibrium concentration of adsorbed substances.www.granular-activated-carbon.com


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