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What are the frequently asked question to IVF specialist

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IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is the most frequently used ART (assisted reproductive technology) procedure globally.   IVF  is a method of collecting many mature eggs from ovaries. Following that, eggs are sent for retrieval, which can take 10 to 15 minutes. A fertility specialist uses a needle to retrieve eggs according to ultrasound guidelines. In fact, IVF is the most widely used and effective treatment for infertility. When a couple is unable to conceive naturally, they choose to use IVF. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about IVF that you should be aware of:


How long does the IVF procedure take?

In most cases, 2 to 4 weeks are required to prepare for the IVF procedure. After that, stimulation takes 8 to 10 days, and the egg is extracted after just 2 days. However, pregnancy in IVF may be different for each woman depending on her health. In this case, it is best to visit Dr. Manjushri Kotherkar, the best fertility specialist in Mumbai.


Is the IVF procedure painful?

Although it is not an unpleasant process, some women may experience bloating during ovarian stimulation. There may also be slight bleeding and cramps following the egg retrieval procedure. Don't worry, these problems will be cured after a few days of therapy.


Is there any risk of negative effects from IVF treatment?

Due to a lack of technology and facilities, it was difficult to bear the IVF procedure in the past. However, each couple can now easily tolerate the IVF treatment. Because of advances in technology nowadays IVF treatment has a higher success rate.  As a result, if you wish to have a child via IVF, make an appointment with the top IVF centre in Mumbai.


Is there any reason that can impact the success of IVF?

The success of IVF is determined by a number of factors. First of all, the quality of eggs plays an important role in making IVF successful.  women (over 37 years old) who have been trying for a long time are increasingly becoming a concern in unsuccessful IVF. Aside from age, additional aspects include daily lifestyle, being underweight, overweight, living an unhealthy lifestyle, and so on. So, for additional information, you may also visit the best IVF clinic in Mumbai.


Will the IVF procedure change if the donor sperm or egg is used?

Of course not! Whether you use donor sperm/eggs or not, the IVF process is the same. In most cases, sperm and egg must fertilize together in the lab. If you and your partners are unable to have a child, you may use donated egg or sperm. The doctor will transfer the donor's fertilized eggs to the woman's uterus throughout the IVF procedure. As a result, the procedure will remain unchanged in the event of donor egg or sperm.


Why is it necessary to collect several eggs during the IVF procedure?

In the uterus of women, each egg doesn't need to be matured. That is why, throughout the IVF procedure, numerous eggs are collected. In this method, a fertility expert may choose mature eggs for fertilization. Multiple eggs boost a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. Extra embryos, on the other hand, may be frozen in the lab for future use. A couple can conceive a child in the future using frozen embryos.


IVF is an efficient ART treatment all around the globe. The following are the most frequently asked questions concerning IVF. You may talk to your doctor if you have any more questions or concerns. You can acquire all of the information you need about the treatment at the IVF clinic in Mumbai.


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