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The microbiology laboratory grips many transferrable and dangerous materials. The handling dangers the pollution of the environment and upsurges the risk of contagion among laboratory personnel. So, safety cabinets are favored for safe and contamination-free treatment of microbial cultures. These support the repression of infectious aerosols. The kinds of security cabinets sold by Laminar Air Flow Dealers normally used are biological safety cabinets and laminar air flow cabinets. A laminar airflow cabinet is a closed terminal that has HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) sieves for providing a unidirectional stream of air at a stable velocity. The laminar airflow cabinet bids an area for contamination-free handling of dangerous and communicable material. It is perfect for preparing germ-free culture media, gathering germ-free components into complete units, and other disease-free transfers.

Kinds of Laminar Airflow Compartment:

Founded on the movement of air, the laminar airflow cabinet is of two kinds which are; horizontal and vertical airflow cabinets.

Horizontal Airflow Cabinet: The air transfer in these cabinets is from the back to the front of the covering. The electrical blower jerks the polluted air from the room using a pre-filter or sieve pad. The air passage through the sieve pad hurries for reliable airflow delivery to the HEPA sieve (final sieve). The HEPA sieve is at the bottom of the covering’s working platform. Since the HEPA sieve eliminates 0.3 µm or bigger particles, it can effortlessly eliminate the common airborne microorganism of size 0.5 µ or larger. For comprehensive sterility, nothing must pass behind the germ-free object. 

Vertical Airflow Cabinet: The transfer of air is perpendicular. The air passing through the HEPA sieve joins from the top and transfers downward through the toiling area. The air then leaves the covering through the holes in the foundation of the working area. The disruption in the airflow between the HEPA sieve and the germ-free air due to placing resources generates a zone of commotion in the critical area. The surge in the region of turbulence transmits the pollutants to the sterile area hence soiling the area. So, nothing must pass above the germ-free object. 

Uses of Laminar Airflow Cabinet:

The laminar airflow cabinet bought from Laminar Air Flow Dealers in India is accommodating in the subsequent laboratory works:

  1. Preparing culture means microbial and fungoid isolation and culture.
  2. Carrying out the herbal cell and tissue cultures.
  3. Directing other errands that need disease-free conditions, like the operation of particle-sensitive electronic machines.
  4. Formulating and quality testing of pharmacological goods.
  5. Carrying out general laboratory errands by regulating settings as per need.

Compensations of Laminar Airflow Cabinet:

The compensations of the laminar airflow cabinet over the biosafety cabinet and other approaches to neutering the workspace are as follows:

  1. Since warmth or harsh substances are not used in laminar airflow cabinets, it stops chemical annoyance and heat-related injury to examples and reagents.
  2. The germ-free working area is roomy likened to the biological safety cabinet, so greater ampules can be used inside the cabinet.
Curb of Laminar Airflow Cabinet:

Although the laminar airflow cabinet bought from Laminar Air Flow Dealers is obliging and roomy, it has certain restrictions. They are:

  1. Airflow speed can sometimes surge. A region of turbulence is formed to stop the increase of airflow speed, which surges the danger of presenting pollutants inside the sterile environment of the hood.
  2. Process time might surge if the hood is not turned on for 24 hours.
  3. If the sieve pad and HEPA sieve are not gutted properly and timely, the danger of contamination increases.



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