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The most common type of hair loss in men is ndrogenic. Male pattern baldness is more common in men over 50.

What causes male pattern hair loss?

  • A family history of male-pattern hair loss, or baldness is one reason. Research has shown that male pattern hair loss can be linked to androgen, which is a male sex hormone. They control hair growth and perform many other functions.
  • Each hair on your head goes through a growth cycle. Male pattern baldness results in a slower growth cycle and shrinkage, which leads to shorter and finer hair. Each hair's growth cycle eventually ends, and it is impossible to grow new hair.

  • In the vast majority of cases, side effects of male pattern hair loss are uncommon. However, there are rare cases when baldness is caused by serious conditions like certain cancers or medications. Consult your doctor if you have hair loss due to new medications or other conditions.
  • Doctors use male pattern hair loss to diagnose the problem. To rule out other health conditions, doctors may conduct a medical history and examination.
  • Hair loss can also be caused by skin conditions like a rash, skin inflammation, severe hair fall or hair breakage. To diagnose hair loss disorders, a skin biopsy and blood tests may be required.

Who is at Risk?

Male pattern baldness can begin in teenagers, but it is more common in adulthood. As you get older, your chances of developing this condition increase. Genetics play an important role. The risk is greater for male pattern baldness sufferers' close relatives. This is particularly true for those relatives who are maternal.

How to tell if your hair is falling out?

Male pattern baldness refers to hair falling at the crown and temples of the heads. Some men may experience one bald spot. Some men may notice their hairline becoming a “M” shape. Some men will notice their hairline recede so much that their hair is almost gone.

Preventive Techniques To Treat Hair Loss

Medical treatment is not necessary if other conditions aren't the cause. There are options for men who are unhappy about their appearance or want fuller hair.

  • Hairstyles

Men with low hair loss can benefit from a haircut or a hairstyle. For thin hair, ask your hairdresser to create a cut that makes it look fuller.

  • Hair transplants

Hair transplants are the least invasive and most expensive treatment for hair loss. Transplants involve the removal of hair from areas that are currently active and their transplantation to areas that have become balding or thinning.

Multi-treatments may be necessary. Scarring and infection are possible. Permanent hair transplants look natural and are permanent.

  • Counseling

Balding can cause major changes. Acceptance of your appearance can be difficult. Counselling is recommended if you have anxiety, low self-esteem or depression due to male pattern baldness.

Can you prevent hair loss?

It isn't known how to prevent male-pattern hair loss. One theory suggests that stress could cause hair loss by increasing body's production of sexhormones. Relaxing activities such as walking or listening to soothing music can help reduce stress.


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