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The classic triad of this disease are severe hunger(polyphagia) frequent GlucoShieldReview  urination (polyuria) and severe thirst (polydipsia). Other manifestations would include: fatigue, wounds that slowly heal, dry itchy skin, tingling sensations in fingers and toes, and dramatic weight loss.

Most often thtan not, most people suffering from type 1 diabetes are likely to experience life threatening manifestations as well that would need prompt medical attention and treatment. When the blood sugar is very high, chances are the patient is likely to experience diabeteic keto acidosis. This is a condition when unmetabolized suger turns to toxic substances known as ketones.

 These ketones make the blood so acidic that it can damage the organs. Left untreated, it could eventually lead to renal failure and diabetic coma. Signs and symptoms of this complication would include deep rapid breathing, which is also known as kussmauls breathing, dry skin and mouth, flushed skin appearance, acetone or fruity breath, nausea and vomitting and belly aches. The treatment would require a prompt dose of insulin to lower blood sugar.



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