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Hair transplant procedure has been widely accepted these days and majority of hair loss sufferers are choosing this as an ultimate option for treating hair loss. Are you planning to undergo hair transplant and concerned whether you can go or it or not?

Don’t worry Medispa hair transplant clinic is the best destination where you can look forward for a genuine advice. We support our patients in their journey of hair loss management and provide them the best possible solution of hair loss. It is not what we are saying, in fact our thousands of success stories depicts our success.

In India, hair transplant in Delhi has grabbed the attention of the people all across the world. Yes, Delhi has become the hub of hair transplant industry and offers the world class services with assured successful results at few of the reputed clinic. One of the most reputed options of hair transplant in Delhi is Medispa hair transplant clinic who has been at the top regarding the services from over a decade.

The hair transplant cost in Delhi is undoubtedly very affordable but what grab the attention of the people are the maximum success stories offered by the city. Over years, Medispa hair transplant clinic has grown to be the most popular clinic worldwide by creating more than 5000 exceptional hair transplants.

For an astounding experience of hair transplant and a transformed life go for hair transplant at Medispa clinic. Book your appointment now with us; we will be blessed to accompany you in your journey of hair loss solution.

Can anyone undergo hair transplant?

It is true that hair transplant is an elective procedure which can be chosen by anyone facing hair loss issue at any stage. The hair transplant procedure involves the harvesting of the hair follicles from a certain area of your body which is then transplanted at the desired bald area where the coverage is demanded.

The hair transplant procedure can be chosen by any but can be performed only on those who met the conditions suitable to undergo the procedure. Yes, hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure which has certain terms and conditions to undergo the procedure and might not be feasible for all.

So if you want an answer to it that can anyone go for hair transplant then the answer would be No!

Because you need to consult a competent hair transplant surgeon first in order to confirm your candidature and know whether the procedure is feasible or not.

Parameters for a good hair transplant candidate?

There are certain conditions which your surgeon would assess before confirming the candidature for hair transplant. Here are the parameters explained which decides your candidature:

  • You have a permanent hair loss: Your hair loss might be temporary or permanent wherein temporary hair loss do not need any form of medical intervention. If your hair loss is permanent then you can be a good candidate for hair transplant it other conditions seem fit to undergo the procedure. During the consult the surgeon would evaluate the cause of hair loss based on which the nature of hair loss is interpreted.
  • Your hair loss is stable: The hair loss you are facing should be stable for at least 3 years if you are planning to undergo hair transplant. If the hair transplant is performed under unstable hair loss then you would not get the results what you expect as the hair loss would continue in regard to the existing hair surrounding the transplanted hair.
  • You are otherwise healthy: The hair loss you are facing should not be associated with any systemic disease as then it is necessary to treat the underlying cause followed by the hair transplant. You will be checked for any systemic disease which could influence healing also before selecting for hair transplant.
  • Your donor area is sufficiently dense: It is mandatory for the donor areas of your body to have ample count of hair follicles that can be successfully harvested and the desired results could be achieved. The donor area and the bald area are inspected during the primary consult and then the availability and the demand is figured out based on which the candidature is confirmed.
  • You know how much you can expect from the procedure: It is very important for you to know that how much you should expect from the procedure for satisfactory outcomes. A transparent approach from the surgeon’s side is needed who can explain about the predictable expectation from the procedure during the consult itself for the better decision making by the patient.

You are ready for an affordable yet realistically reasonable hair transplant: If you are very well aware and accept the realistic cost of the procedure then you are definitely the right candidate.


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