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Water purification

Activated carbon is used at multiple levels in the water treatment process. It is used to filter drinking water at the household consumer and municipal level to remove pollutants such as organic matter, pesticides and herbicides. activated charcoal wholesale supplier Activated carbon also plays an important role in the treatment of industrial wastewater.

In this application, activated carbon removes dangerous organic and harmful odor-producing substances, returning the waste to a safe state before disposal or reuse. It is usually part of a multiple treatment method to ensure groundwater protection.

Air purification

Activated carbon is used to purify the air in many important aspects. Honeycomb activated carbon is generally used here. An example of industrial use is the cleaning of biogas as a by-product of the natural decomposition process.

They tend to collect toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other by-products, such as by-products from degradation of shampoo in landfills, in landfills, dairy farms, and similar places.

At home, activated carbon can prevent volatile organic compounds from paint, cleaning products, refrigerants and other household products, and irritants from cooking fumes.website  Activated carbon air filters are especially suitable for those suffering from allergies and asthma, because they can eliminate many common environmental triggers.

Activated carbon can even help maintain air quality in clean rooms where sterility is very important. For example, museums sometimes use it to help protect cultural relics that may be destroyed by contaminants.


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