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Becoming a surrogate mother is a wonderful journey. The ladies who choose this path will help create beautiful relationships with those families hoping to become a parent and also help them in bringing the kid into this world. It's a process that's filled with ups and downs, except for those that choose this type of path, it'll be an experience that they're going to always remember.

If you're curious about becoming a mother, you need to first meet the regulations and necessary surrogate qualifications.

Three Basic Qualifications For Surrogate Applicants

Although professionals can set their own list of qualifications for surrogate applicants, they still follow equivalent guidelines that were set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Experts in this field created a group of various standards for surrogate carriers in order that the pregnancy procedures will become a success.

Physical Qualifications

Being pregnant is often quite complicated sometimes and it can also accompany risks. A pregnancy that was carried for somebody else isn't different. Physical qualifications are needed to make sure that the mother is capable of carrying a pregnancy with low risks to herself and also the baby of the intended parents.

The ones who set these physical qualifications to become a surrogate mother are the professionals in this field. They based this on the ability of the woman to be ready to safely carry a baby for other people. Below are some of the most basic requirement that needs to be met to become a surrogate mother:

  • Have already carried a minimum of one successful pregnancy
  • Be a minimum of 21 years old and will be younger than 40
  • You should not get on any anti-depressants or any anti-anxiety medication for the past 12 months
  • You should haven't any new piercing or tattoos within 12 months before starting the method
  • No complications in your previous pregnancy
  • You should be raising a toddler of your own in your home
  • Have a healthy Body Mass Index that decided by your doctor

If you're able to meet the essential physical qualifications, you'll be an appropriate candidate for surrogacy. But it's always a good idea to get in touch with someone knowledgeable. This is because even though you are unable to reach some qualifications, most professionals allow surrogates on a case-by-case basis and should even make some exceptions to the principles.

However, if you have not been pregnant before or are not of proper age, you'll have a tough time trying to find a clinic or a surrogacy professional which will allow you to become a surrogate carrier.

Psychological Qualifications

To be ready to be qualified as a surrogate is not just meeting the medical requirements. Every woman who chooses to become a surrogate should remember the psychological and emotional challenges which will come in the process.

In becoming a surrogate mother, you are to commit yourself to a partnership with the intended parents before, during, and after the procedure. You need to use a lot of energy and time to assist them in becoming parents. You also need to attend the doctor’s appointments before and during the pregnancy, and you also need to schedule classes and meetings with the intended parents as the pregnancy progresses. Becoming a surrogate is a full-time job, therefore it's important that you are prepared for the added stress which will be added in your day to day life.

Simultaneous to you handling your responsibilities every day, you also have to cope up with the hormonal changes of being pregnant. While it's rare for a surrogate to get attached to the baby she is bearing, it's normal for them to feel conflicting emotions during the pregnancy. To organize for these changes, you need to be in a solid-state of mind before starting the process.

To be ready to qualify as a surrogate mother, you will have to talk with someone knowledgeable who can inform you of what you should expect during the process and also prepare you for the challenges you would possibly experience.

Other Qualifications To Become A mother

Before you'll become a surrogate carrier, you need to first undergo various psychological and medical screening. Both of those screenings will help confirm your readiness in becoming a mother.

First, there will be a psychological screening for both you and your spouse with a professional. During the screening, they're going to be asking you about your view on surrogacy. They're also going to ask how you propose handling the incoming physical and emotional challenges. Once you're partnered with the intended parents, you need to complete one last screening before starting the method. This may help confirm that you are medically capable of safely delivering the pregnancy.

Becoming a surrogate mother is a fun and exciting experience. But before applying to become a mother, you’ll need to confirm that you are mentally and physically ready for the method.


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