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What are the Quick Ways to Reduce Dental Anxiety?

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Do you scare from needles, drills or dental sittings? There are millions of people, who have dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is defined as a fear of visiting the dentist or feeling nervous, worried, or uneasy about visiting the dentist. Dental health varies dramatically from person to person, whether due to genetics or behavior. Some people can go years between dentist visits with little or no impact on their teeth or gums, while others are prone to decay and gum disease no matter how frequently they brush and floss. Dental anxiety can be evidenced by an elevated pulse rate, sweating, a nervous stomach & a general feeling of dread over going to a dental practice.  

While we cannot completely cure your dental anxiety, there are many tools we can use to help make you experience a positive one.

At Benton Dental Clinic, in our Dental Office Kitchener, our expert dentists want to help all our patients, feel comfortable & leave with a healthy smile.

  1. Direct communication with your doctor can solve number of problems, make you feel comfortable & even take out your dental anxiety.


  1. Asking questions about the dental procedures can give you the clarity can solve your concerns, make you comfortable at the dental clinic, prepare you for the treatment.


  1. There are tools available in the market that can keep you out of dental anxiety like using headphones, stress ball or other fidget devices.


  1. Believe it, sometimes, having someone like your family friend or member, you trust can help you more at ease in the dental clinic.


  1. At last, after following the above tips, you find yourself unable to deal with dental anxiety then your dentist or Kitchener Dental Clinic may prescribe you anti-anxiety medication Nitrous Oxide Sedation Therapy to take before your appointment to help.


Experience Painless Dental Treatment at Benton Dental Clinic

Benton Dental Clinic is a patient-focused modern Dental Office in Kitchener that offers comprehensive treatment to all of our patients. At Benton Dental Clinic, we believe that dental care should be offered in a stress-free, respectful & comfortable environment, where the focus is centred on you, your family & your needs. Experience our professional dentistry services like emergency treatment, check-ups & cleaning, gum treatment, white fillings, root canal therapy, crowns & bridges, dentures, porcelain veneers, teeth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, nitrous oxide sedation & children dentistry, etc.


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