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What are the Steps to Take When Hit by a Drunk Driver?

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This Is What You Can Do if you’re hit by a Drunk Driver

When it comes to accidents, the more information you have about your situation, the better the decisions you make. Many victims have had to condone hostile insurance company representatives because they mishandled the situation.

Our Atlanta DUI lawyer can’t stress enough about these steps to follow when you get hit by a drunk driver. Let us jump right into them:

Step 1: Call the Police

One of the first ideas that go through the drunk driver after the accident is to try and convince you not to call the authorities. The driver knows that a DUI conviction can turn ugly, and they try all they can to convince you not to call the police.

Whatever the case, don’t give in to their demands.

Make sure you call 911 for the police to come to the accident scene. The aim is to secure any evidence and come up with a report. This report is vital for presenting evidence to the insurance company. 

Step 2: Give a Detailed Statement to the Police

The moment the police arrive, give a detailed statement of what happened. Make sure you describe what you saw and what you heard. Don't forget to tell the police that you believe the driver was intoxicated when he hit you. Don't make assumptions; stay with facts all through.

Step 3: Gather Evidence

Talking to the guilty party is not as easy as you think, especially when intoxicated. They might not be willing to give their contact information because they know that they are in the wrong.

If the driver refuses to cooperate or isn't in a state to give you the required information, write their details down, such as the vehicle's model and license plate number and make it for use during the case. You can give the information to the Atlanta DUI lawyer to make a follow-up.

Step 4: Get Proper Treatment

Make sure you get professional treatment after the accident. Have someone call an ambulance for you. If you don't get medical attention at the accident scene, try and see your doctor as soon as possible for treatment.

Many victims believe they don't need to see a doctor because they feel fine – a big mistake. Even when you feel fine, try and see the doctor for further analysis. Sometimes you might not be able to tell you are injured after the accident. The medical report is a vital part of the evidence submitted; make sure you have a comprehensive one.

Step 5. Track down Any Witnesses

The credibility of your story can be made better when you have witnesses to tell their side of the story. If the tale corroborates yours, you can get the compensation you deserve. 

Step 6. Call us for Legal Help

If a drunk driver hits you, our Atlanta DUI lawyer can help you file a case. He also advises you on what to do so that the blame doesn’t shift to you. We know how hard it is, especially when the accident is another person’s fault and it could have been avoided. We have the experience and skills necessary to help you get the justice you deserve. 



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