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What are the top uses of aluminium fencing?

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Aluminium is very quickly establishing itself as a must-use metal around the house. Its strength to weight ratio makes it the perfect product for any Do It Yourself projects, however, it's its simple yet versatile nature that can make your home stand out from the rest. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, you could spend more time selecting what you want than it would take to deliver, install and transform your home. Whether it be for your boundary fence or creating your own secluded getaway with privacy screens, the aluminium fencing panels will blow you away with how many ways you can use them around your home.

Perimeter Fence

The number one use of aluminium fence panels is still as a perimeter fence for your residential property. Securing your home with a full-size aluminium fence from the ground up or using the aluminium fencing panels as an extension or feature on top of a brick fence, the aluminium fence panels will keep your family safe and look great doing it. Turn your old wooden fence into a work of art with Ullrich's Ulltra Fencing solutions. With a simple to build aluminium fencing solution, with panels and posts already made and in stock you will be a fencing master in no time. Naturally, if you prefer that a professional take care of your brand-new secure fencing job, simply request high-quality aluminium fencing panels from Ullrich.

Keep your privacy

Aluminium fence panels can be used for many applications, one of the best ways to take advantage of their versatility is as a shade or privacy screen. Around your swimming pool, you might require a shade break for the youngsters, Aluminium fencing panels can offer an excellent alternative for all your shade requirements. It might likewise function as a privacy screen from your intrusive neighbours, swim in peace away from creepy kids prying eyes when you build a personal privacy screen out of aluminium fencing panels.

Hide your bins and Air Conditioner

There is nothing worse than showing off your gross bins to the world. Bins are generally pretty disgusting, it’s not our fault we put our rubbish in them after all. Hide those stinky bins behind an aluminium screen made from fence panels. They are great as they still allow airflow to help take the smell away from your home and they are also very easy to clean and maintain.  You can also hide your Air Conditioner outdoor unit away, by constructing a case for it to live in. It can also double as a bench or seat on your deck so that you can actually take advantage of the space the air conditioner is occupying.

Chemical resistant

As the aluminium fence panels are powder coated you can spray your garden to your heart's content without worrying about damaging your fence. Due to aluminium non-corrosive properties, it will last forever in your yard and still look great.

Tough as aluminium       

The Ullrich aluminium fencing panels are built with a special non-weld system produced to withstand the brutal Australian climate. Aluminium's corrosion resistance makes it ideal for your security fence around your home, keeping out unwanted guests and threats.

There is no question that the only thing holding you back from what you can make use of aluminium fencing panels for is your imagination. That would have believed such a simple item could conserve so many issues around your home?


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