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In recent years, with the development of drones, it is not uncommon for drones to fly in the dark, and the market for drone jammer is also increasing year by year. So what are the current types of drone signal jammer in China?

The drone frequency jammer system can be divided into the following three categories according to the UAV countermeasure technology:

1. Interference blocking, mainly through signal interference, sound wave interference, and other technologies

2. Direct destruction, including the use of laser weapons, the use of drones to counter drones, etc.

3. Monitoring, mainly by hijacking radio control.

Our usual countermeasures in the civilian UAV field are mainly jamming interception and detection control, while the direct damage category is mainly related to the military field and is ignored.

Interference blocking category: mainly use radio communication technology to control drones. By sending a high-power jamming signal to the target drone and suppressing the control signal, the drone can be forced to land or return on its own. The main popular products are drone anti jammers, full-band UAV countermeasure system


Detection and control categories: mainly refers to radio hijacking, GPS satellite navigation deception, and hacking technology. The main best-selling products are UAV navigation and decoy system, UAV spectrum detection system, UAV detection, observation and attack comprehensive equipment.

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