What are the types of toys suitable for toddlers?

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Kids are little explorers who learn from their surroundings. Play gives them the means to develop and practice new skills at their pace. Also, it makes learning fun where they do not face any pressure. Different playthings get developed, keeping this in mind. You find several categories that target varied areas of child development. While this is helpful, it also makes shopping for games overwhelming.

Hence, when you search for toys for a 1-year-old, factor in their growth stage, needs, and suitability before selection. To make things easier, toy manufacturers label the games with the required details. If you buy online, you get the information listed in the product description. You also find them categorised based on age, brand, gender, discount, etc. These are helpful but learning the types of toys for toddlers is a good strategy.

Mouth toys

Toddlers start developing teeth after one year. The process is usually slow, which irritates. During this time, they put many things in their mouth. Also, they have an urge to bite these things. Instead of giving them make-do stuff from home, ease their irritation with fidgety toys. These are widely known as teethers. They keep them occupied until they see the doctor. You find a magnificent selection of chew toys for the same.

Mixed reality toys

These types of playthings are a winner among kids and parents alike. They are technologically innovated to bring a virtual element to toys. Some examples include etch-a-sketch, baby laptops, automatic dolls, etc. These are advanced and get mainly marketed as 3-year-old toys and beyond. This is because kids beyond this age have a better understanding. They can grasp the concepts quickly as compared to infants.

Musical games

The essence of music cannot be denied. Not only does it provide peacefulness, but it also develops memory and social skills. Kids inherently love sounds as they grab things and bang or shake them together. Even a drum would keep them occupied for hours bashing and laughing. Take this up a notch by giving them proper instruments like xylophones, toy guitars, pianos, etc. These are perfect for introducing them to new tones.

Pretend playsets

When babies grow out of the infant stage, their creativity starts taking off. This is the right time to buy toys for 2-year-old babies. Aim for playthings that spark their imagination. The easiest answer to this is open-ended games that lead to pretend play. Examples are dolls, stuffed animals, tents, trains, vehicles, blocks, toy food, etc. Also, include stacking and building toys for brain development. The gel up with the pretend to play toys quickly.

This way, you get the dual advantage of developing creativity and other life skills like hand-eye coordination, cognition, problem-solving, etc.


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