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If you are ready to begin web design in Dallas, you will want to be aware of the trends for 2021. After all, no one wants a dated website. Here are just a few of the Dallas web design elements that are currently in fashion.



After a year where most people were connecting online, eye strain has become a problem. Hence a desire to see websites that are easy on the eyes. This does not mean pastel pallets. You will still see bold, saturated colors, but they will be done in a way that is not overwhelming for the viewer.


Consistency throughout branding is simply good design. Websites should maintain a consistent look between their pages. More people are recognizing the importance of consistency and are implementing it in their website designs.


Again, people across the globe have increased the amount of time they are spending online. If you want your web design in Dallas to stand out, your best option is a custom website design. Customization allows you to create what you want in your website exactly. While there are lovely templates, they do have their limitations. A custom website will enable you to have everything you desire.


The excessive gradients of early design are not likely to ever make a comeback. However, gradients can be used in a modern and tasteful way to add a little more depth and interest to a Dallas web design. When used well, a gradient can take a website to the next level.


The visual hierarchy of a website is essential to its success. You need users to see important information and take action. Hierarchical and modular grids create the layout, but more designers are adding geometric grids for a bolder way to draw attention to items.


Using abstract elements in a website design can evoke the emotional response you want for your brand without using rigid, realistic imagery. The color and font will help set the tone, and carefully chosen abstract elements will only enhance it. This is a creative way to share your brand with clients and customers.


Viewers connect with videos. If you have videos, they can easily be incorporated into the design of your website in an effective way that is not too distracting to visitors. For example, a video introducing your product or service would be an excellent way to attract new customers and create trust when it is in the correct location.


We are always looking back to the past for inspiration. A little nostalgia is a perfect way to capture the right target audience. Blending vintage colors, images, and typography with modern design is definitely a trend for 2021.

Of course, these are just a few of the trends for web design in Dallas. While you consider the trends, remember that you will need a design that lasts. A professional website designer will be able to create a modern website that is not so trendy that it becomes out of date in a year. If you have any questions about website design or are ready to start a project, please contact us.


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