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GIIOFEED De-oiled lecithin is a multipurpose, high-nutrient powder that may be utilized in meals, supplements, & animal feed. It improves shelf life, texture, & digestion. It’s excellent for a variety of uses and is free of allergies & GMOs. To maintain the quality, store in a cold, dry environment & handle with hygienic utensils.

In the UK, de-oiled lecithin is a highly useful and adaptable substance with a wide range of applications across numerous sectors. De-oiled lecithin, which is extracted from rapeseed, sunflower seeds, or soybeans, is favored due to its high phospholipid content and purity, which make it a great emulsifier, stabilizer, and dispersant.

De-oiled lecithin is an essential component used in the food business to make baked products, chocolates, and confections. It helps these products have a better mouthfeel, longer shelf life, and improved texture. Because of its capacity to maintain emulsions, it is essential for producing creamy, smooth textures in spreads, salad dressings, and margarine. Furthermore, because de-oiled lecithin may help with liver health, cholesterol reduction, and cognitive support, it is utilized in dietary supplements and health items.

De-oiled lecithin also has major benefits for the UK pharmaceutical industry. It is frequently employed in medicine formulations as a carrier for active components, enhancing the stability and bioavailability of pharmaceuticals. Its ability to emulsify is essential for creating intravenous fat emulsions because it guarantees a stable combination of water-soluble and fat components. Moreover, topical creams and ointments use de-oiled lecithin because of its capacity to improve the skin's absorption of active substances.

De-oiled lecithin is prized for its skin-conditioning and moisturizing qualities in the cosmetics sector. It is a typical component of lipsticks, lotions, and creams, where it enhances skin hydration and preserves product consistency. De-oiled lecithin is also used in the UK personal care industry to improve texture and add conditioning to hair care products.

Overall, the multipurpose qualities of de-oiled lecithin make it a valuable element in a variety of UK industries, fostering innovation and raising the caliber of a broad range of goods.


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