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What Are The Uses Of The Stretcher & Its Benefits

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There are many stretcher designs specifically created for specific conditions and environments. In an ideal world, the best stretcher for the correct purpose would exist, but this is only occasionally the case. So, which are the most versatile stretchers, and which cannot be done without in certain circumstances?

The most versatile and often utilized stretcher is the pole stretcher, which was developed from the first Farley stretchers at the turn of the last century.

Pole Stretchers

Their simple construction, consisting of two poles and a canvas support, has altered little over time. The most updated Emergency Stretcher are made from hard wearing aluminum tubing and synthetic solid fabric supports. These are the backbone of rescue and emergency circumstances, often deployed in disaster zones when such things as terrifying earthquakes or destructive tsunami strikes.

Basket stretchers

The more modern basket stretcher, which first came on to the rescue scene in the 1970s, as it became easier to bend and weld the aluminum tubing, was lighter than the steel constructions previously on the market. These are the most widely used specialist stretcher as their design makes securing the patient and minimizing movement or stress simpler.

Neil Robertson stretchers

The Neil Robertson stretcher came as a design development for retrieving casualties from onboard ships. Here raising them from the bowels of a boat through narrow access shafts was impossible, and the Neil Rob proved a successful solution that is still utilized by ships throughout the world. Hydraulic Stretcher use is also practical in any confined space where vertical lifting is likely such as caving incidents or mining accidents.


What Are Stretchers Made of?

The earliest manufactured stretchers used the materials of the day, and in the early 19th century, this happened to be robust and load-bearing wood and rugged canvas. These were fashioned into portable litter that made recovering injured people easier.

What Are The Major Use Of Stretchers?

Stretchers are chiefly used in acute out-of-hospital care conditions by emergency medical services (EMS), military, and search and release personnel.

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