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What are the various aged care roles and responsibilities?

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The job of an aged care worker involves providing personal services to older people. An aged care job role is holistic, which means you help someone in every aspect of their life, from their physical well-being to home care. This aged care roles can be a great fit for people who are friendly, compassionate, and extroverted. You will likely become an essential part of the life of the elderly who suffer from mobility issues and may not be able to get out often. In some cases, even if you are dealing with the aged who live with you, you can assist them.

Listed below are various aged care job roles and responsibilities

Personal Care

  • Housekeeping

Cooking and preparing meals, assisting aged person with vacuuming, eating, dusting, washing clothes, mopping, tidying closets, making beds and performing laundry.

  • Personal hygiene

Assisting aged person with showering and bathing, dressing and oral hygiene, shaving, toileting, changing clothes, or assisting with continence aids are all examples of the care provided.

  • Manual handling

In aged care jobs, aged care worker also assists aged people with getting into and out of the vehicle and transferring from bed to chair. If as an aged care worker, you are performing personal care duties for your ages, your focus will be on allowing them to maintain as much independence as possible while always maintaining their dignity.

Tasks and Errands

You can take care of many day-to-day tasks in aged care jobs, including making doctor's appointments, collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy, buying house supplies, paying bills, handling paperwork for pensions and rebates, feeding animals, and helping with other household tasks. An aged person health will deteriorate as they become more and more dependent on you, so you might move from taking the aged to the supermarket to purchasing groceries on their behalf as their health deteriorates.


It is increasingly common for elderly residents to live alone, and they may feel increasingly lonely, isolated and depressed because they live alone. Aged care workers doing aged care jobs play a huge role in the lives of their aged by becoming all-encompassing companions, friends, and a source of emotional support for them. If you are at home together, you can enjoy many enjoyable activities, such as playing board games together, crafting together, watching movies, doing a little gardening, solving puzzles, and many more activities.

Social Wellbeing

During working in aged care jobs, you have a crucial role to play in maintaining social connections with the elderly individuals who are a part of your role. You can provide aged person with a wide range of services; whether it's a trip to the local bowling club, escorting them on a day out with friends, or just taking a walk in the park, you will significantly increase their overall well-being and health.

Family Support

Aged care workers in aged care jobs can often form strong relationships with aged person and their families. In cases where family members live far from loved ones or when aged person suffer from chronic illnesses and dementia, this importance is the most evident. Providing family members information about a loved one's overall health, mobility deterioration, medications, cognitive function, and emotional state will support each family member's overall well-being. The fact that you live in this profession makes you so fortunate because your involvement and services can have a positive impact on an aged person life.

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