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Sometimes roofing shingles can become discolored from years of direct sunlight, which may affect the appearance of the house or indicate a more serious problem.

Local weather conditions are the main culprit that causes roof wear, which when left unattended could result in damage during a severe storm. Particularly in areas where high winds and hurricanes are common, it is important to examine the roof at least once a year, and have any developing problems repaired before they become a major expense.

Choosing a roofing company with a long track record in the local area, which can furnish references from satisfied customers, is the best way to provide long-term roofing care. Home owners can establish a seasonal or yearly contract with the roofing company, who will send a licensed roofing contractor to inspect the roof.

Different kinds of roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, clay tiles used in Spanish-style construction, or wood may be more affected by mold and mildew common in humid climates. Sometimes tiny holes may develop in recessed areas that cannot be seen from the ground by a home owner.

A small hole will let water leak into the attic and ceiling whenever it rains or snow accumulates on the roof. Prolonged icing could also expand a hole, slowly but surely allowing a tiny leak to grow and multiply into major ceiling damage, bringing mold growth, and possibly weakening the attic and result in expensive structural repairs.


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