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What are the Ways to Keep your Phone or Laptop Cool

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Heating is a common event with all gadgets, whether it is laptops or smartphones. It reduces the age of the devices’ batteries if they are hot for a long time. Overheating can also be more critical for other hardware parts as it causes system freezing or bigger than that. That is why we have included different ways to prevent your smartphone or laptop from overheating and make them safe.  

Ensure the temperature of your device

There isn’t a matter of worry if computers or smartphones heat at a specific limit. The problem creates when they overheat. But what can be the maximum limit for heating a gadget or gadget’s battery? Here is a quick guide on it. 

You should keep a laptop with a newer processor below 122°F or 50°C. If you feel your computer is getting overheat, you may experience some performance issues. Consider a temperature monitoring tool like SpeedFan, Real Temp, Core Temp, etc., to monitor overheating. If telltale signs appear on the screen, you should understand that your laptop is running on overheating. 

In smartphones, you get a native temperature sensor that informs you if your phone overheats. But all smartphones don’t provide temperature monitoring sensors. Some smartphones automatically get switched off if they get too hot. 

If you are an iPhone user, you can consider an ideal temperature of 62° to 72°F or 16° to 22°C. Consider the surrounding temperature lower than 95°F or 35°C as more can spoil the battery life. 

For the MacBook, try to balance the temperature between 50° and 95°F or 10° to 35°C. If you want to store your iPhone or MacBook, consider keeping them between -4° and 113°F or -20° to 45°C temperature. 

Keep your devices away from facing direct sunlight or hot cars

Don’t leave your gadgets in direct sunlight or a closed hot car. You might have experienced this scenario when you forget your phone in the sunlight and when you touch them to use, you feel a burning sensation on your hand. Keeping a smartphone in at too hot locations may also affect the battery. So, it is good not to use a phone in high heat areas. Consider using your phone by covering it with a shirt or under a tree. Use your phone near the air conditioning system when you are in a car. 

Don’t useif your phone or laptop is too hot

If your gadgets have overheated due to any reason, don’t hurry if you need to use them. Wait until they get cool and use when the temperature reaches the normal thermal range. 

Avoid using the apps that utilize the most battery power      

Disable the apps or services that use the most battery power. Services like GPS, 4G/5G, and high screen brightness utilize the most battery power and overheat the battery. Therefore, you should use your device in battery saving or power saving mode to save battery power and prevent the battery’s overheating issue. 

Go for a cooling stand

If you have a laptop, you can go for a cooling stand. It can be a wise investment to eliminate heat from the life of your laptop. Place your hot laptop near a cooling stand and wait until it gets cool. 

Turn off your gadgets when not in use

You should keep your devices turned off when they are not in use. This act saves battery power for later use. Many devices automatically turn off when they get overheated. That is why turning off devices make them normal and prevent overheating. Let your smartphone or computer turned off for at least 15 minutes and then turn them on for safe use. 

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