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What Are The Web Scraping API Basics?


Web scraping is the practice of obtaining and analyzing unprocessed data from a database. The Python community has created numerous remarkable web scraping tools. The internet is without a doubt the most valuable source of information and false information in the world. Collecting and analyzing website data may be very helpful for a range of disciplines, including data science, business analytics, and investigative journalism. This information will be useful if you want to learn the basics of Google web scraping.


Applications of Web Scraping


  • It can be utilized for automatically comparing prices.
  • Review Extraction in Bulk
  • Climate Reports scrapping
  • Costs of Tracking Products
  • Fundamentals of Web Scraping API
  • Data Analysis 

Fundamentals of Web Scraping API


Here are the two parts in which the web scraping python works:

The Website


The design of website page is designed using HTML (HyperText Markup Language). It has numerous tags wherein the entire page's contents, comprising text, photos, videos, and hyperlinks, are stored. Each HTML tag performs a certain function. The visual aspect of the web page is provided by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). HTML and CSS are two of the most important technologies for creating Web pages. Apart from HTML and CSS, JS is a vital and frequently used language in all current websites.


JS (JavaScript) is a programming language that allows web pages to have interaction and dynamic behavior. It enables users to interact with various web elements such as buttons, forms, navigations, and so on, and generate specific behavior based on their interactions without having to reload the page again. When HTML, CSS, and JS are combined, a proper web page is created.

Web Scraping 


Web scraping works in the opposite direction of the structure of a web page. Using CSS filters and library built-in capabilities we can collect any information from the web. For instance what if you need to scrape products price on amazon? Firstly an HTTP request is sent to connect between the python code and the Amazon servers. You will need to use a scraping library to obtain access to the internet's source code after the connection is created. 

The next step after the source code is archived is finding the appropriate class, id, or tag in which the product's pricing is stored. Once the selector has been identified, the data is extracted using the built-in functions.

Best Python Libraries For Web Scraping 

Beautiful Soup


Beautiful Soup is a Python tool that allows you to parse HTML and XML texts. It is one of Python's most basic and newcomer libraries. Beautiful Soup generates a parse tree for various parsed pages needed to extract data from Source (HTML).



Selenium is a Python package that aids in the automation of browsers for various activities. Web scraping is one of the most popular operations performed by this library. It can quickly extract javascript automated text.



Scrapy is a Python platform for web scraping on a huge scale. It comes with every tool you'll ever need to scrape information from the database. Scrapy is a good option if you want to execute a huge project, such as scraping thousands of website pages.

Final Words 


Hope you have gained a good command of the fundamentals of web scraping api. It's working and the python libraries you can use for the web scraping have been listed above. You can approach the platforms online to gain web scraping services. Zenscrape is also one of the best web scraping and api platforms offering you large-scale web scraping services with no risk of getting blocked. Visit now and enjoy large-scale web scraping services.


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