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If you are into the computer universe and you haven’t heard about the operating system, you are definitely living under the rock! 


Operating system is touted to be the:


  • Piece of software serving as the link between hardware and the computer system
  • To run all the programmer, a computer should have at least one operating system
  • Operating system offers a specific environment to run all kind of functions 
  • You can't use your computer or system without the installation of an operating system
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This versatile concept is not limited to just one feature. There are multiple features of  operating system that help you to run all your functions smoothly and efficiently.


Do you want to know about it in depth?


If yes, you are on the right blog post! 


Stay here till the end to equip your knowledge bank with the right information!


Operating system – An Overview 


Operating system is defined as the software that acts as the interface between your computer and the hardware components. Each computer system needs to have one operating system in order to run all other programs.


From browser to windows to MS office to notepad, every program needs an environment for its performance and the execution of certain tasks. The operating system also helps in the communication of computers without knowing as how to speak in a computer language.

For a user, it may not be possible to use any device without the installation of an operating system.


After getting loaded into the computer with the help of the boot program, the operating system manages all kinds of application programs in your computer system. Through making requests for certain services through a well-defined application program interface, the operating system makes the ideal use of it.

Why use the operating system?


For the software and its development, the operating system offers multiple benefits. Without the operating system, applications may need to include their own AI as well as some sort of comprehensive code required to handle low level function of the computer. This may include network interfaces, disk storage and much more.


Other computer tasks like sending of the network packages or displaying of the texts can be included to serve as the intermediary between all hardware and the software applications.


As every application assesses each hardware or the same resources and the services, you can use any number of the applications. This may reduce your overall time required on the coding or debugging of the application. 


Features of an operating system. 


Operating system is known for its functionality and its versatility. It forms the most important part of your computer system. 


When we are talking about the features of an operating system, we can count some of the most important features. Let’s talk about the three main attributes of the operating system.

Exhaustive working 


With its essential components, the operating system is touted to provide better functioning to your computer system. 


There are mainly two components of an operating system which are Shell and kernel. In the computer system, both of these components help in the utilisation or establishing apt communication between various parts of the operating system. 


Though, there are certain points of differences between both the shell and kernel. A shell is defined as a type of interface that helps to connect the kernel with its user. It also enables all of its system users to communicate accurately with the kernel. 


Though, kernel is defined as the fundamental heart of any typical operating system as its basic aim is to manage all types of duties which are associated with your system. 

  • Where the shell is defined as any specific user software that offers the interface in order to access all the operating system related services
  • Based on the input receiving from the user, shell runs various types of programs
  • A kernel is defined as any type of operating system which keeps the track of both hardware or software operations. By accessing various resources, a kernel works like a bridge between the users and the various resources that needs to be implied in a particular system


Protector and supervisor 


An operating system plays the role of both protector and the supervisor. Protected and supervising modes are there in your CPU with functionalities that allow an operating system to regulate or modify CPU functions. 


When your computer starts, it is basically in a supervision mode. The programs like BIOS or bootloader are first to start but they may have unrestricted access when it comes to hardware. 


Though, the programs in their protected mode have only access to the subset of the operations of a CPU. An interrupt may cause which will be given back to its CPU if any of the application exits in the protected mode. This will also give complete control to your operating system to have the memory access. 


Supervisor mode will be used by an operating system for the low level activities that need complete access for the system hardware. Though, the context switching between both the modes will be done in an ideal way.

Program execution 


As the operating system aids in managing a wide variety of tasks, from the user applications to the system programs like name server or the file server, each of these actions will be broken in the series of varied steps. 


It includes:


  • The program may need to read or write a particular file
  • Your operating system may give permissions for the program and the execution of various files
  • The read- only and the write only functions in this case may be restricted as available for any kind of file
  • The user may delete or create new folders in the interface of your operating system interface
  • The interface will be provided by an operating system for the creation of files and its system backups


Wrapping Up 


This guide has helped you in learning the features of operating systems. 


Further you can also strengthen your knowledge based on the concepts like bridge in computer networks.


Happy learning!


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