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Are you looking for the top 10 transformer manufacturers in India? If yes, then this blog post is worth a read for you. The transformer is an electrical device that is used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. It can be used to change the voltage and current of an electric power supply.


What are transformers?


Transformers are devices that transfer electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. They can be used for the purpose of changing the voltage and current in a circuit. Plus, they can be used in a variety of applications, including power generation, distribution, and electronics.


The most common transformer is the alternating current (AC) transformer. AC transformers are used to transfer energy between two circuits that have different AC voltages. The voltage in an AC circuit alternates between positive and negative values; this alternating voltage can be transformed into another


AC voltage with a different amplitude or phase uses an AC transformer. For example, a transformer can be used to increase or decrease the voltage in an AC circuit.


Types of transformers


There are different types of transformers such as step-up transformers, step-down transformers, isolation transformers, auto transformers, etc. Each type of transformer has a different use.


How transformers work


Transformers are made up of two or more coils of wire wound around a common core.


  • The primary coil is connected to the power source
  • And the second one gets connected to the load
  • When the primary coil is energized, it leads to creating a magnetic field that generates a current in the secondary coil.
  • The amount of current in the secondary coil can be controlled by the following:
    • Varying the number of turns in the coils
    • The size of the cores
    • And power source frequency


Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers in India


ABC Transformers Pvt. Ltd is one of the top 10 transformer manufacturers in India. The company has been making and supplying different types of transformers and other power conditioning equipment for more than 20 years. The most common products manufactured by ABC Transformers Pvt. Ltd is as below:


  • Power Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Dry Type Transformer
  • Servo Stabilizers and AVRs
  • Amorphous Core Transformers
  • Special Purpose Transformers
  • HT AVR / Built-in AVR


If you are looking out for the top 10 Transformer Manufacturers in India, then get in touch with ABC Transformers, your most trusted transformer manufacturing company in the country.                



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