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What exactly are tropical diseases?

Tropical diseases are a group of diseases affecting the human population in parts of tropical and subtropical countries such as Africa, Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, South America and Central America. The scale of the diseases is ascribed to diminished resources, population expansion, climate change, failure of preventive measures, insufficient access to medical care, economic turmoil, and emerging drug resistance. At the same time, poor hygienic living conditions, inadequate sanitation facilities, lack of clean drinking water, and malnutrition are the major factors causing tropical infectious diseases. Therefore, tropical diseases are known as ‘diseases of poverty.'

Today, tropical diseases are also reported in non-tropical areas such as Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This is largely due the global temperature rise, increasing human expeditions to tropical rainforests, deforestation, increasing migrations, and growing international air travel and tourism to tropical regions.

Common tropical infections and neglected tropical diseases:

Tropical diseases are infectious diseases caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. These are mainly vector-borne diseases that transmit infections from person to person. Common insects causing tropical infections include mosquitos, flies, and bugs.

Common tropical diseases affecting humans are Chikungunya, malaria, Zika Virus, West Nile virus, tuberculosis, Yellow fever, cholera, etc. On the other hand, the World Health Organization has identified a few diseases as neglected and categorized them as Neglected-tropical diseases (NTDs). They include Dengue fever, leprosy, rabies, Chagas, African sleeping sickness, dracunculiasis, leishmaniasis, Buruli ulcer, mycetoma, trachoma, etc. Neglected tropical diseases are mainly prevalent in areas with poor sanitation facilities.

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As we know, tropical disease research is always under-promoted and thus slows down the process of novel drug and diagnostic discovery. This is mainly because studies on human volunteers is rather expensive, not feasible or is limited due to ethical constraints. At the same time, the current therapeutics are not enough to tackle the ever-increasing disease incidence. Therefore, more importance must be given to tropical medicine research.

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