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If you want OSRS GP that 77 str into 80, you cant do it with a whip. In the event you wont or cant however do the monkey madness quest, then I suggest either a brac blade, or even a long if your very low on the moneys.

Also, what are you really going to be using this armour for? If training without taking much damage (pest control) the I suggest using barrows. You should think about getting a fighter chest for training since it adds 4 str. If you're likely to be slaying or participant fighting in safety (castle wars, duels) then I suggest the armour above.

For those who have an additional 3-4 mil then buy a berserker ring (do this before u buy a fury imo). You wouldnt imagine how much people will do for an extra 4 str (22 mil to get tassy with 2 str). Paying 4 mil for a ring with 4 str is well worth it.

Why Is Everything Crashing? Those are only a couple of ive noticed in the last few days. Other things appear to be going down at a much quicker rate than normal now. Even sharks are going down pretty fast, so I think its just permanent items. What do you think? Why prices fluctuate, in this case crashing.

People now go pking using fury-s and dfs-s, they drop as loot and people sell themwhen there is more items than demands that the cost will drop. Not all is falling, look at the clue scroll benefits, most of these rised pretty high then it was earlier. Some dropped, eg. rune god armors. Expensive items begin crashing because players sell them to purchase pking armors. This occurred following the New Old Wildy was published.

BGS fell a great deal because, I think you should know why. (Weak specs that uses all spec energy incase you didn't know) The fishies, its not only a F2P upgrade like Charizard explained. P2P have them causing the fishies price to crash. You cheap School RS Gold will find P2P bots.


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