What can Interior Designers at custom home builders companies do?

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Is hiring an interior designer important to build a custom home? 

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question by homeowners. As we spend most of our time at home, we only need a functional and beautiful space. So, hiring an interior designer becomes critical. 

Besides, getting a pretty accommodated space, investing in outside expertise can save your time, money and keep you stress-free. Especially when building a custom home, every homeowner wants to incorporate his ideas, needs and wants that make your lifestyle a lot smoother. Universally, the concept of custom home builders focuses on making each space functional so that you can live the best of your individual style. This is the key reason behind having a team of professionals like architects, interior designers, plumbers, electricians and so on. 

Do you need an interior designer for a new custom home?

Interior designers work to make your home attractive, functional, and safe while also superintending your specific needs and wants. If you’re contemplating the idea of whether to hire the experts or not, here are some benefits of hiring custom home builders with Interior designers: 

  • They keep your costs for interior designing under control
  • Have an unbiased eye to create a luxurious space
  • Keep your needs and wants at top priorities
  • Help to alleviate your stress
  • Have access to exclusive resources like materials, designs, vendors, etc. 
  • An appreciated interior design increases the value of your home
  • Offer your clever and unique ideas that complement your personal style
  • Adapt to interior design elements you want, quickly and efficiently
  • Bring that wow factor. 

What does an Interior Designer Do?

Interior designers do something more than just helping you find furniture or suitable wall colour. Right and professional interior designers provide a variety of services such as:

  • Product Research and selection
  • Colour Selections
  • Picking Lighting Designs
  • General Inspiration
  • Spatial Planning for every space or corner
  • Floor Design and Selection
  • So product and cost comparisons
  • Design your boards for you

Things to do before meeting with an Interior Designer 

Hiring the right kind of interior designer is crucial for any custom home project. Although it takes time to find just the right custom home builders in Auckland. But the time well spent is worth it when you finally get to live in your dream home. Just like you’ll be spending time with home builders, you’ll also be spending quality time with the interior designer too. So, make sure that whoever you hire, the person is actually professional and understands every bit of your needs and want. 

Here are four key things that you should be prepared with when meeting with interior designers. 

  1. Your ‘wish list’ includes everything you need to get started within your custom home. You probably won’t have the exact idea in mind, but keeping rough visions can help extensively. 
  2. Gather a list of websites and product clippings that you may want to include. 
  3. Have a general idea about how you want to live or how you want your family to function inside the home. 
  4. Design a home that will suit all your needs throughout different stages of aging.

Making a Final Decision

Once you decide who is the right Interior Designer for your project, you’re one step closer to your dream home. But, if you haven’t already chosen one, here’s who you can trust anytime – Stonewood Homes. Experts at Stonewood Homes are capable of doing everything for you, from home floor designing, constructing to interior designing. Interior designers carry a reputation for customer care, quality craftsmanship. 

Want to build your home design on a budget with the best custom home builders in Auckland? Visit Stonewood Homes. 

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